Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recovery Update

This recovery business isn't fun, but I keep reminding myself: Alissa you can see and you don't have meningitis. Those were my two biggest fears.

So...what does it feel like after having a major nose surgery? 

Well I don't look too bad, so looking in the mirror is positive. 

It feels like I have a rug burn inside my nose. I read that online I think it's a pretty accurate description. 

I can't blow my nose for 3 weeks. You know I'm an allergy sufferer, so I'm used to blowing my nose often, very often. Well when I do fall asleep I wake up to a dried crusty nose. If you ever have this type of surgery word of advice: Wet baby washcloths to clean out the tip of your nose is the best. They are soft. Sometimes I stick them in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes because cold anything feels good!

The first few days of healing, blood was dripping from my nose a lot. It was hard to ice it with gauze, a tissue, or baby wash cloth stuck to the end of my nose. Now it's not bleeding so much. The swelling isn't as bad as I thought. I really thought I'd have black and blue under my eyes even. Polyps went that far. Yes my nose is swollen a bit. Ice packs help so much! I just hate when I get them out, and forget about them. Small bags of frozen peas work as well.

My throat hurts bad off and on to swallow. It's from the breathing tube mainly. I wish I could just shake this one. I've tried vinegar in water, lemon and ginger in tea, water, Sprite (just because the bubbles feel nice going down), popsicles and sorbet. The best things: Anything cold! Popsicles and sorbet win! 

Pain Meds:

I've really taken Tylenol mostly. You can't take anything with Aspirin in it due to the fact that it is a blood thinner. Plus I'm allergic to Aspirin. I'm thinking that one is genetic; I have an Aunt that's allergic to Aspirin too. 

Remember I was all excited to get my pain med Percocet? The doctor forgot to leave a written prescription in my chart. I took my first luke warm shower after taking one of those pills. While I was finishing up I said, "Isaak go get Dad! Tell him I'm dizzy!" I got out of the shower, was close to the floor, but in my out of it state stood upright, and Travis caught me. He said I was out like a light, and was shaking. Of course everyone had an opinion about why I fainted. My Brother-in-law: She's taking too much! My Aunt: It's from the shower. We give Percocet in the hospital all the time, and no one faints. Now I just take one before bed, or only Tylenol. I've even fainted from prescribed cough syrup before. 

I'm on an antibiotic and probiotics too.

Energy Level:

This morning I was feeling good. I took a shower, made Isaak's bed (it's high up, as I can't bend over), and played Scrabble with Mica. Well during Scrabble Mica was great at first, then a sore looser that swore I sabotaged the game. I was really feeling low on energy. I gave Mica 1/2 my lunch to eat because I still eat like a child. Then I was out like a light! I slept from 1 to 5! 

Lucky for me I have had cuddle buddies!

Mica even read to me:

Friday morning I get my splints out! Then I can use a nasal rinse. YAY! 


Mandy said...

I admit I skipped over most of this post. I can't deal with the idea of blood and pain; it makes me sick even when I'm not the one dealing with it! I'm glad that your husband caught you when you passed out. As a frequent fainter myself, I've kind of figured out when it's going to happen and make a point of sitting or laying down. It's much better to be pro-active (like you calling for your husband) than to ignore the possibility of it happening. It would have been terrible if you had hit your head on a cabinet or the toilet or something like that!

Ai Sakura said...

Oh I think I'm so used to blowing my nose too 3 weeks where I can't do so would be a torture! I'm glad it's healing well for you though..

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad recovery seems to be going as expected. The hardest part for Jason was not being able to blow his nose too.

mail4rosey said...

I'm glad you are recovering nicely, AND that you have an awesome support team around you. I don't think I've ever fainted! I'm glad you got to have your son ask for your husband before you fell out!!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

You are doing great! Happy to hear it works well for you. For sure it will take some times but you'll be fully recovering in no time!


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