Wednesday, June 7, 2017

@softsurrounding Store #LiveSoft Review

I was super excited to review Omaha's new store called Soft Surroundings in Village Pointe. Their saying is: My Time. My Life. Myself. They have around 56 stores. That's if I counted right. Do you have the store Soft Surrounding where you live?

I have to admit I didn't know what to expect. Their website is wonderful, but I've never been to one of their stores before. It's really beautiful!

The only thing I'd change: I would be to loose the kids. Their store is geared towards relaxation. Mica and Isaak are goofy around each other! If you're a mom that has kids attached to you like I do, you may want to find a sitter. With that being said, I did put my kids to good use. They took some of the photos in this post.

Close to the Counter:

They have what I call a Beauty Bar. It's full of bath stuff.

They also have a nice display of jewelry.

They Were Certainly Welcoming!

I got greeted at the door with bottles of water, macaroons, and the greeter told me where to go.

Photography was welcomed. I love that! My favorite reviews are ones where I take my own photos.


I have to say that my favorite parts of the store are their displays. I swear they could almost take close up photos of their displays, print them large format and frame them. They are really cute!

They gave me a bag of all kinds of things. I'm going to post about what all they gave me next.

Piggy Display:

Bird Display:

Bunny Display:

Travel Mail Display:

Spa Section:

They have spa stuff throughout the store. It's not just one section, but here and there. Face masks, bath bombs, and some makeup. 

The boys wanted to smell anything that had a scent. Me on the other hand...well I'm back to not being able to smell due to these nasal polyps, and grass allergies. I'll take their word...they all smelled really good.

If I had to guess I think that their bath stuff, and clothing are their biggest selling items. People that are on a budget may migrate towards their bath stuff. Women that want nice clothes that will last may get locked into looking at their clothing. 


Their clothing has a lot of color, which I love. Price wise it's more on the higher end, but it seems like it's clothes that will last!

This was my favorite: I simply loved the muted colors on this one: 


They have a ton of this and that! If you are interested in an outfit there's a necklace for it. If you need something for your house they have lamps, bedding, pillows, rugs, and more.

For the pet lover:

Accessories for me thank you:

I adore this lamp:

The bedding wasn't really my style, but it was detailed, colorful, and fun:

A basket full of rugs:

Pillows...lots of pillows:

A rack of sunglasses:

Just an overlook of the store:

A place to rest, while shopping is a must. I grew up with sisters and a mom that loved to shop. I have to say that I like to shop more than the guys in my life, but not as much as the girls. If you're waiting and waiting on someone, it's nice to have a spot to relax.

Overall I loved my experience at Soft Surroundings. Even with my son's at my side it was fun. They did help take pictures! Will I go back again? For sure! I think the store is welcoming! They have a ton of variety, and lots of fun colors. I love their displays! 

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Do you enjoy going shopping?

Disclaimer: I was received a bag of merchandise from Soft Surroundings in return for writing this post. The store certainly inspired me to write this post. I only review things that I think my family or readers will enjoy, or find useful. 


~ Noelle said...

That store looks great!
I am headed to see if one is near us! (Fingers crossed!)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I have never heard of Soft Surroundings before today, but this is definitely the kind of store that I love to shop at! The products look fun, pretty, and have a touch of whimsy to them. Those piggies on the display are calling my name!


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