Friday, July 7, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. We've had these crazy flies in our house. I don't know if they came in because a certain son left the door hanging open for too long, or possibly they were drawn to our tomato plants outside our front porch.

    They fly around in circles, hardly land, and are fairly small. All the above makes them hard to tackle with a fly swatter. Isaak and I get really serious about getting these flies out of our house. 

  2. I let the boys have a friend over yesterday. Mica's much more mature with his friends than Isaak is. Isaak and his friends have a low attention span, anything that's remotely funny is hysterical to them. That includes Isaak hoping around on one foot. Let's just say alone I like Isaak and his friend Jacob. Together I was annoyed by their giggles. Possibly it could be that my nose was bothering me more on Thursday then it was on Wednesday. I just wanted to nap, but couldn't because 2 kids were over.

    Prior to Jacob coming over I talked with Isaak about what they could do:

    Go outside to play, play with Legos, draw, write a story together, play a board game, do a craft with my help and lastly play on Isaak's Kindle.

    I went to lay down in my room, not to sleep, just to rest. The boys were playing with lots of giggles. Nothing harmful. I heard them saying, "What do we do about all this glue?" I went into the living room, and they were attempting to make paper bowls by themselves. Paper and glue all over! I took over their, "Project" with a disapproval face, and they went outside to play. So much for Isaak and I doing this, "together"!

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  4. I started out helping the boys with their paper bowls, but the door bell rang. I had Isaak get it. I thought it may have been Mica's friend's parent or sibling to pick him up. NOPE! It was some missionary smuck!

    They said, "Can we come in to talk?"

    I said, "Absolutely not! I just had sinus surgery, my fingers of full of craft glue, and my kids each have a friend over. Now is not a good time!"

    Goodness I forgot about that kind of crap, since I usually work during the day. Maybe I should have invited them in to help me with the paper bowls. Ha!

    They said, "When would be a good time to come back?" I said, "Ummm...never."

    They said, "Can we leave some of our papers?"

    I said, "Sure if you just want me to throw them in the recycle bin." Off they left! That's when I told the boys to go outside to play.

  5. Mica's job volunteer time at the library is going better. for 2 weeks they had him stock books for 1/2 the time. The other 1/2 of his time was spent collecting zip codes for their Read to a Dog Program. People come up to read to trained dogs. When they come up to do that Mica just asks for their zip code. He loves it! He's even read to the dogs too. 

  6. Many of you that have been long time readers know that Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue. One side of his tongue was paper thin at birth. The normal side looked fat. That made breastfeeding interesting! He had to get an MRI at 2 months to see if he had any cysts anywhere else, which he didn't. We had many unnecessary office visits over his tongue. I actually told one ENT, "Sorry we're not coming back." We were told that he may never eat or talk. It became an issue again when he was 7 months, and got a staph infection in his neck from an ear infection on that same side. Well his tongue will never look perfect. It will always be asymmetrical. It looks way better than it did when he was born!

    Mica did a genetic test for school earlier this year. Eye color, attached lobes, and rolling your tongue were among the things he asked about. I said, "Mica we can roll our tongues, but you may never be able to because of how your tongue was at birth."

    Mr. Mica can roll his tongue now:

 Can you roll your tongue? Do you have attached ear lobes? What color are your eyes?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad Mica is enjoying his job.
I don't answer the door to anyone unless I know who it is. Too many of those missionaries and window installers come into our neighborhood and it's such a headache!

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa - I didn't event think about it. I just assumed it was Mica's friend's Mom or Dad to pick him up. Since I work days it's just not something I encounter usually.

~ Noelle said...

I hope the road to recovery is a fast one.
Glad Mica can roll his tongue now. I am sure he was happy about that.

mail4rosey said...

Hurrah he can do all the things that were thought he might not be able to do. Hope you're able to get some rest now. Boys are every bit as giggly as girls, lol. I learned that a long time ago too. ;)

Mandy said...

I can't roll my tongue and I've never had a problem with it! … What was the genetic test for? (Mica doesn't look super amused about this picture having been taken of him.)

I like your response to the missionary. I always just say "yes, you can leave a paper". I like your response of "I'll throw them in the recycle bin". :) I mean – what do they expect to happen? Nobody reads those things!

… So how do dogs benefit from being read to?

An Apel a Day said...

@Mandy 'n' Justin the genetic test was just for school to learn about genetics. Some things people really can't do just because it isn't in their genetics. Like the tongue roll thing. Also cilantro odd enough tastes good to some, while others think it tastes like soap. That too is genetic. I just never thought Mica would be able to roll his tongue. No it isn't important really. He was annoyed with me with the picture because I took so long to get my phone out to take it.

Dogs like to be talked to. Kids should enjoy reading. The combination works. We have an animal shelter here that actually has a camp where kids read to dogs. The camp is expensive. I'm glad Mica can be a part of it for free. Because dogs come to the shelter usually in poor shape, or abandoned - reading to them helps relax them.


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