Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dear Mica,

Happy Birthday Mica! You turn 12 today. You're a tweenager for sure.

A month ago we decided to get you your first phone. That's your big present. With walking and riding the bus to and from middle school we figured now is the time to get you a phone. We also lost our land line some time ago, so you needed a phone.

Today I'm giving you a set of lenses for your phone. 

  • Taking pictures with your phone is your newest hobby.
  • Music! You love playing Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Brono Mars the most. You like Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, and the Village People. 
  • Reading! You've been really into this series called Spirit Animals this summer. You read classics like Of Mice and Men, Two Kill a Mockingbird and more. You'll read books 4 or 5 times over again. 
  • You still love movies and shows. Grimm is one of your favorites right now. No one else around here likes it. We've been watching The Cosby Show as a family. Yes Bill Cosby has been in hot water, and on the news a lot this year. It's still a good family show. You'll watch any movie really. 
  • You got your first "job". You volunteered at the library and helped stock books, and collected zip codes from people for their Read to a Dog program.
  • You started playing the trumpet. There are times when you practice where you're pretty good. Other times I don't think you try. You had hopes of playing Sledgehammer from Peter Gabriel, but you quickly learned that Hot Cross Buns and songs at that level would be played mostly. You did get to learn the Star Wars theme song, which is fun.

Your Personality Shines in This Video:


  • You're not a big fan of chores. You had to take over for me when I got an upcycled nose (surgery) hand washing dishes. 
  • I've been having you do laundry at times. Last week I had you take up a load, and you forgot to dry it. 
  • You still dislike playing outside and sports, but did decided to give soccer a shot in the spring.
Other Things:

  • You do this thing where you bend your elbow out to stretch it. It drives Dad nuts. Ha!

  • You're more apt to want to be in your room more. That's kind of the reason why I called you a "Tweenager". 

Goofball Photos:

Happy Birthday my soon to be Middle Schooler!




Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Dearest Mica, happy happy birthday and wish you nothing but the best in the nearest future. Cheers from NYC..

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good luck getting him out of his room now. Allison used to be all about being with us, but when she turned 12, her room was her new bff. Happy Birhtday Mica! It sounds like you've and an eventful year. And woot on being an official teenager in just one short year!

~ Noelle said...

Happy birthday, Mica!!!
The best is yet to come !
Alissa, I love how you do this for them.

mail4rosey said...

Happy Birthday to him. The video was fun. Took him about two seconds to warm right up to being a star. ;) Love that plethora of old tunes he's got going on!! Good job, mom. My kiddos think my music is outdated. -_-

I did notice, however, that the oldest two have some of my songs on their iPods now, whereas before they always disliked them. ;)

Mandy said...

Oh no! The terrible tweens! But it sounds like he had a great birthday! I'm jealous of his new phone lenses! :)

Irene Graybill said...

Happy birthday! SUch a nice kid! Recently at there was a post about teens and how hard it is to bring them up. But you made a good job! Mica is a wonderful boy!


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