Monday, August 7, 2017

My Only Elementary Schooler

It's kind of odd that only Isaak is going to elementary school this year.

Everything seems foreign with middle school. The principle still hasn't gotten back to me from an email I sent last week. An email I sent the vice principle bounced back to me. Travis called last week to find out that they don't have a supply list, bus schedules went out on Friday, and back to school night is on the 15th.

I looked over Isaak's supply list. I was ready to go fork over a lot of money just to find out that I bought a ton of supplies when Shop-Ko (a store similar to Walmart) closed down. Score for me.

Isaak got Miss Nelson for a teacher. I don't know either teacher, so I have no opinions either way. We had to laugh because of the children's book, Miss Nelson is Missing. If you're unfamiliar with the story the nice Miss Nelson goes missing and comes back as mean Miss Viola Swamp to basically get her student body to act more appropriately.

Travis texted Isaak's friend Ben's Mom to see what class he got. Ben is Isaak's friend from Argentina. He got the other class. I was really heartbroken for Ben more than Isaak. Isaak will make or have friends in either class. Ben doesn't know very much English. Last year Isaak communicated with Ben through gestures, and drawings. 

Every day Isaak was excited about something he taught Ben, or something that Ben taught him. One day Isaak said he was humming the Indiana Jones theme song, and found out that Ben knew it too! That amazed Isaak. 

His teacher last year said that Isaak would stand up to show Ben it was time to get in line. He'd put his hands in his pockets when it was time to be quiet. 

For the first time in my life I felt like crying for someone else's kid, that I didn't even know. 

Could you imagine going to another country at the age of 9, and not know much of what they were saying? Ben connected with Isaak, and now they are going to be split apart. 

Argentina's government is really messed up, and they moved right before Trump was elected. I just can't imagine how they feel. If I were in their shoes I'd feel unwelcomed, unwanted, and confused. 

I wrote a letter to the principle on behalf of Benjamin. I said everything I felt. I ended it with saying something like: Please get their teacher from before - her input. He wrote back saying that their teacher from before suggested the switch. 

When I mentioned to Isaak that they were going to have different teachers (after I knew for sure) he said, "I know Mom. It's probably because we talk too much!" I asked, "How can you talk too much to someone that barely speaks English?" He said, "He speaks enough Mom." 

My emotions took over the situation. I felt all this empathy for this kid I don't really know. My kid duped me.

We took a trip to Iowa to go school shopping. Iowa had no sales tax much of the weekend. 

Mica got some new pants at Rue 21 that's closing. $19 for 3 pair of pants isn't too shabby! We got shoes at Kohl's. Some school supplies, or things we needed we got at Target. 

Mica's all into being appropriate. When we ate at Burger King, Mica did not care for Isaak wearing a paper crown. Mica, "Isaak that's embarrassing!" So I put one on. Then heard Mica and Travis say, "You're not really going to wear that?!" I acted like I was going to, but took it off.

Are you still friends with anyone you were friends with in elementary school? 


Theresa Mahoney said...

That's too bad about Isaak and Ben not getting class together this year. But, then again, it will encourage Ben to try to communicate with his other peers instead of heavily relying on Isaak for everything. In the long run, it may be best for him to socialize and learn more from different sets of peers.

I am LOL about being proper and not liking the Burger King hat. I would have proudly wore that hat the entire meal. My kids are used to me doing stupid stuff like that though and would have just rolled their eyes.

csuhpat1 said...

I remember my kids reading that book.

~ Noelle said...

Thanks to Facebook,I keep in touch with a few friends from elementary school. Other than that, nope. ha ha haaaaa

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

That book look fun! I haven't read that...and I haven't done the school supply shopping..


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