Friday, September 8, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. I was told the other day by one of my first year students that I cuss. I said, "Really?!" I admit that I do at home, but it's not a regular occurrence for me in class. I said, "I don't think I've said anything that's worse than regular TV airs." She said, "Probably."

    Now I'm all self conscious about what I say and how it's said. It will probably show up on my evaluations. I mentioned this to the Education Director. She laughed because cussing isn't something I do at work. At home - yes, at work it's not. It's nothing I would have thought that a college instructor would have to worry about. Maybe, Damn, Dang, and Crap are cuss words to her.

  2. Last year I saw an article about how cussing is good for you. I thought of my Dad, who cusses all the time. Then when all the above stuff happened I thought about it again. Here's an article, here's an article, and here's an article. Do you cuss? Do you think cussing is healthy because it blows off steam? Does cussing offend you?

    It offended me a few times - 1) When students cuss and a family tour walks through the school. Ummm that just can't happen! 2) I went to a lecture on typography, and the presenter was really pregnant and cussed the whole time. I just thought for a presentation to lay down the F word wasn't becoming. It's different if she was trying to make a point with her choice words, but she wasn't. Seeing her prego and hearing her cuss was just not new Mommy like. 

  3. I have a few cell phone user students. I don't mind if they use it in lab, but while I'm talking it's so annoying! I've made blanket statements about it. The crazy thing is that my older students are the ones I have more problems with on cell phone usage. 

  4. A teacher was telling Mica's middle school class rules. She said, "Girls I don't want to see your twin sisters." She was talking about cleavage - boobs. I got home that say and Mica said, "Mom don't show your twin sisters." I didn't know what he was talking about. They had to tell me. 

  5. You never know who's going to see this, that or the other. Well Mica saw this bumper sticker on our trip: 

  6. Buy it here.
    It was was so freaking funny to him. He made all of us check out this car in the parking lot. We've always joked about Mica liking Hello Kitty just to mess with him. Most boys do pay attention to boobs.


mail4rosey said...

We saw a girl on a strip pole bumper sticker and my son wanted me to explain it to him. I don't remember what it said, something about supporting single mothers. Boys def notice things like that though. ;)

I don't curse often. I've said maybe five curse words at all since my youngest has been born (he's 10) and he was just telling my daughter and her friend that I cuss all of the time. My daughter laughed because she knows better, but her friend didn't, LOL. geez.

I believe you about the older kids being on the phone. I'm tempted to take mine out sometimes when I know I shouldn't ;)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Jason tells me I have the mouth of a sailor, and I admit, I do, but never in inappropriate settings. Get me and my bestie together, you probably don't want your kids around us lol. We're loud, obnoxious and crude. When we go somewhere we make it a point to sit far away from everyone just in case we offend someone, but the people that sit by us always join in our conversations and I sometimes think they are going to ask for our phone number or try to friend us on Facebook because we are quite hilarious.

That Hello Titty bumper sticker is so funny. I wouldn't put it on my car, but I'd certainly burst out laughing if I saw it on someone elses.

An Apel a Day said...

Theresa, ya I'm not perfect with my language in front of my kids. I don't call them names. At work, well that's a different story. My kids could be around you. Ha!

I thought the bumper sticker was pretty funny too. Boys sure do notice things like that.

Mandy said...

1. The other day I was driving my new charge to the park. I didn't know how to get there and I had lost cell phone service. No calls, no texts, no gps. I pulled over, restarted the app, put my phone in airplane mode and turned it off, etc… Nothing was working. With the worry that I was lost and had no way of contacting anyone to find my way and with a child in my car, I blurted "WHAT THE HECK?!?" The 4 year old, of course, responded "my daddy doesn't like it when people say that." Of course he doesn't kid. Of course he doesn't. *sigh* (Restarted my phone and got service back. YAY!)

2. Would it have offended you if it was a dad-to-be cussing instead of a mommy-to-be? I probably would have been irritated since I wouldn't have wanted to attend a lecture where someone constantly cusses, but I also think we hold women to higher standards than men. It's "unladylike" to cuss. But why? :(

3. I don't really think it's appropriate for the school teachers to be talking about "twin sisters". Maybe if they split the class up into boys and girls, sure. I guess? But there has to be some better wording that works for both genders. The fact that Mica would come home and tell you not to expose yourself is exactly why I think that. It may be the liberal ideals coming out in me, but it shouldn't be ingrained in boys and girls that seeing or exposing cleavage is wrong, because it's not, in all circumstances. Breasts are completely normal. The idea is moreso that school is not the place for that kind of exposure from either gender. It's my opinion, but they don't need boys running around topless (or exposing their chests) any more than girls.

An Apel a Day said...

Mandy - If I were to of known a guy was a Dad to be, and was giving me a lecture where he was cussing up a storm I would have been annoyed too!

It was in a bar, so I get that it was a more casual scene. Even the idea of a newbie parent or a baby in a bar just rubs me the wrong way.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I do cuss but try to do that less and less, and not in front of the kids. But you're right .. it helps letting out some steam. An I just know what twin sisters are now :p


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