Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Silver Dollar City

I was not prepared for the cost of Silver Dollar City! Adults: $58.04 and Children 11 and under: $46.21. We should have gone to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City! A 2 day ticket at Worlds of Fun is cheaper than a 1 day ticket at Silver Dollar City. I felt jipped. Especially when they wouldn't take our card that was supposed to save us money for places in Branson.

After spending over $200, I knew I just needed to get over it, and have fun. It's the place Travis had memories going to when he was a kid. I knew the boys would have memories.

Words of Advices:

  • Bring food in a backpack, or cooler lunch bag. Fill a cooler for the car with food. You can leave, and come back into the park with tickets. Cars are parked a ways away, but they do have shuttles that go back and forth. 

  • Bring a fanny pack. I have one, but it was in Omaha, Nebraska - at home. 

Let's Talk Rides:

I'll go on water rides. I really enjoy the raft one because we're all together, can talk, and we don't know who will get wet.

I won't go on roller coasters. The boys went on three different ones.

After a few roller coaster rides the boys wouldn't shut up about me joining them on some. Even Travis joined in with them. I said, "Absolutely not! I went on them as a kid. I didn't like them then. I most certainly won't like them now!" I was starting to get pissed. Here I spent a bunch of money, and now I was being pressured into going on something I didn't want to go on. They begged and pleaded. I stood my ground.

I started talking to a family that was waiting for their family to get done. They understood me. It's sad when complete strangers gets you, but your own family doesn't even try.

One lady said, "The lookout part isn't any better than the coaster!" I could see her point. It was high up, and not sturdy. At least it wasn't jerking you around up and down hills!

A little boy sat there. I said, "Have you gone on this?" He said, "Never again!" He said it was way more than he could handle. He felt sorry for any kid that went on it.

A 18 month old cried every time the roller coaster took off. It was a loud plunging noise, and a fire showed up. I felt for him!

I waited about 4 times for my family. Keep in mind that with roller coasters I feel like the car could roll on off the track. I pictured my family leaving me each and every time they went on. Not so fun!

I didn't think things could get worse, oh but they could. I waited in line for the train ride around the park. I said, "Go on that roller coaster that you missed going on. I'll wait in line."

I texted Travis: Line is moving fast now. I hope you're coming. 

Travis texted back: It was such a fast line. We went again. 

I texted again 5 minutes later: Ok so I'm letting other people go ahead of me in line because you're not here. I don't know how long I can do this!

Finally he got there even 5 more minutes later. I was super annoyed!

When it was time to leave we were in a hurry. We had reservations for a magic show, and still needed to eat dinner. I was thinking, We wouldn't be in a hurry had you come to the train line after one ride on that last roller coaster. 

I said, "Let's take a shuttle." Well none of us paid attention where we parked. We walked up to the park. I was only guessing as to what shuttle took us where we needed to go. It took us closer to the car than if we walked, but farther than where our car actually was.

Travis said, "See if we would have walked..." I said, "We are walking. The shuttle just took us most of the way to our car." I was fuming mad by that time. Of course they were all wondering why I was mad.

What rides do you like to go on? Have you ever have a vacation that is perfect, and no one has fought? 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Awe, sorry you didn't have a fun day :( Family pressure is the worst, especially when you know your limits and they don't respect them. We kind of pressured Mariah into going into The Walking Dead exhibit at Universal Studios. She's always been scared of haunted houses, refusing to go with us. But, people were taking in their 3 and 4 year olds so we told her she'd be fine. She didn't get more than 30 seconds in when a zombie jumped out at her and she had a full blown panic attack, crying and all. We had to shove her out the emergency exit doors. We felt like real jerks and said we'd never tease her about haunted houses again after that.

Mandy said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy the day. But also glad the boys did. At least they will have awesome memories of riding roller coasters with their dad?

Ai Sakura said...

Gah sorry to hear that the day out to the theme park didn't go as planned.. hopefully the magic show was better!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

An Apel a Day said...

I did have a bad time towards the end, but earlier it was fun. The whole day wasn't bad. I know I sounded negative in the post. It's just how I felt in the end.

Yep Travis rode all the roller coasters with the boys.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

We also had some fights while traveling. Not always that smooth but trying to at least minimize them. Well, we can't always make everybody happy


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