Saturday, September 16, 2017

Zevrez Women's Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress

I'm super excited to share with you Zevrez Women's Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress:

I love the V neck, the polyester fabric, the fact that it goes below my knees, and that it can be worn for dress, or casual events.


Small - Shoulder: 14.96″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 36.6″ Waist: 34.6″ Total Length: 42.5″
Medium - Shoulder: 15.35″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 38.2″ Waist: 36.2″ Total Length: 42.5″
Large - Shoulder: 15.78″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 39.8″ Waist: 37.8″ Total Length: 42.7″
XL - Shoulder: 16.14″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 41.3″ Waist: 39.4″ Total Length: 42.7″
XXL - Shoulder: 16.35″ Sleeve: 24.8″ Bust: 42.9″ Waist: 40.9″ Total Length: 42.9″

I got the large, and it fit great! Sometimes when I get things online, I'm a bit nervous as to how it's going to fit.

There wasn't a whole lot of cleavage that showed, but I was ok with that. In the image online more cleavage shows. I was expecting the boys to see that, and point it out right away. It's good it's sleek, yet not too much.

About the only things that I didn't like were not the dresses fault. My legs are super white because they are covered most of the time. Ha! I do need to loose some weight. That's a thing. I'm glad I can finally be active. For months last school year it was asthma attack after asthma attack. I couldn't even climb stairs without feeling winded that's how bad it was. Then after my nose surgery I was told not to do anything. I couldn't even bend over. It feels good to now go hiking, and be active with my boys. I hope to get into a routine, and that will help the pounds go off.


$13.88 to $18.88. The small is $13.88, and the rest of the sizes are $18.88. Quite a price change. It is on Prime, so there's free shipping. Really $18.88 is a great price for a dress!

Usually I'm more of a skirt person, but I do love this dress. What about you? What do you like to wear to when you dress up?

Disclaimer: I received this set in exchange for writing this review. I was in no way influenced by anyone in regards to this review.


Harry Flashman said...

As always you look great. My wife hardly ever wears dresses now that we are both retired. She usually wears some sort of pants and a blouse. She liked to dress up when she was still teaching though.

sorry I haven't been by. Lost power last Monday and just got it back.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love wearing dresses like this in the summer and warmer fall months. I think it looks really pretty on you!

Anonymous said...

This dress looks great on you! Can't beat the price either. I love Amazon! :)

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

The dress looks good on you, Alissa...Love the colors and the V-neck

Terra Heck said...

That dress looks great on you. It's a style I'd wear.


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