Tuesday, September 26, 2017

WW: Alpaca Farm {Linky}

I saw that Alpacas of the Heartland was having an open house. I always wanted to go there, but have missed it each time.

It was a total surprise to the boys. I think Isaak was happy to cuddle up to them!

Mica acts too cool for many things these days, but he enjoyed the farm as well.

Travis liked enjoyed them as well!

I love the look of this one:

This one they called grumpy, but it held still for photos:

I like the photos I got of these 2:

This little one we couldn't touch:

These are the hills they live by:

Have you ever seen Alpacas?


csuhpat1 said...

Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

stevebethere said...

What fun photos looked liked you all had a good time and that includes the animals heheh!

Have an alpacatastic week :-)

Catch My Words said...

Cute photos!

Theresa Mahoney said...

They are so adorable! I want to go cuddle them too!

Anonymous said...

OMG soooo cute

DebC said...

Alpacas are so cute. I love their mop tops :) We've seen them in petting zoos, but have never gotten to hug one. Jealous :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They are really cute.

Ai Sakura said...

Aww they are so cute and always seem to be smiling!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

~ Noelle said...

Oh how cute!
How can you not smile with those cuties????

mail4rosey said...

Such fun photos! I haven't seen them, but I love that they look so unique!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

oooh my God..they are soooo cute! I can imagine how soft those feathers...

Terra Heck said...

That little brown alpaca is adorable! I actually just purchased a blanket made out of alpaca wool when I was in Ecuador.


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