Friday, September 29, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. Have you ever taken one of those colored personality tests? I'm always pretty even across the board. One color isn't a lot stronger than another. Either I'm confused, or I'm a well rounded person. 

  2. I have a first year student that wanted to know how I grade. I'm assuming she wondered why she got a B, and not her usual A that she got in her high school art class. I said, "I grade on the points that I have on the handout, which are also listed on the grade slip. I think about the good and bad examples I showed in class, and think about if you followed some of what I discussed in those pieces. What I've covered in class is pretty important; have you been listening? Finally I grade on what the body of student's work looks like. Then I ask another teacher to see if they agree on what order I have in the line up of grading. There's a lot more to it, than it may seem. Partly it's subjective, but mostly it's about having trained eyes."

    She looked at me blankly. I think she wanted her work graded much like a math worksheet would be graded. #3 is wrong, and #4 is right.

    Artwork isn't really graded like that. I do write on their grade slip things they can approve upon, and they have a week to get it back to me.

  3. I've felt a bit like I've been dragging all week. Isaak got the stomach flu late Saturday night. He was sick all Sunday. I got it Monday at the tail end of work. I felt awful! Travis got it a little after me. I had to tease him because he kept telling Isaak he needed to eat bread when he wasn't feeling well. My mom and I said, "Clear liquids first". When Travis was sick I kept saying, "Eat some bread! How about some pizza?" Mica got it on Tuesday night, but it never amounted to anything. He just slept and slept.

  4. I finally went in to get my eyes tested. If you remember I didn't do the best on my driver's test for the vision part. I didn't want to get my eyes tested because I didn't know if it was polyps pushing on my eyes, allergies, or actually my eyes. I finally made it into an eye doctor. My one astigmatism, and other eye that doesn't have one are basically playing tug of war. I actually see pretty well. So I'm getting glasses as soon as they come in.

  5. Do you remember the kid that got attacked by a gator on Disney's turf? It happened awhile back. The little boy that died is from here. The parents haven't talked in public until now. What they have done to honor his name is truly wonderful! 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I need to have my eyes checked. I've gone 3 years without an exam and am well overdue.

I am glad the parents were able to make something good out of such a horrible incident.

~ Noelle said...

Yeah, grading art projects is TOTALLY different from other subjects, there is just so much more to it.
Hope you are doing well, your post about your eyes just reminded me I need to go get my eyes checked again!

mail4rosey said...

I just thought of that boy when we were at Disney last weekend. :( It is wonderful what they have done.

Grading is tough, I am going through a stack for the state now, and it's also very time consuming.

Harry Flashman said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Once a bug gets in the family, everyone is pretty much doomed.

How much longer before you can retire? Teaching sucks the life out of a person. Not so much the kids, but the administrators and the parents.

Mandy said...

I do not envy you grading art.

I had a photography teacher that, at the end of every two weeks, would have each person stand up and talk about the how/why/etc they chose one particular photograph as their favorite. Why is it your favorite? What did it take to get the shot? What would you improve if you were to do it again? Who/what inspired the shot? I absolutely loved it, because the entire class and teacher were able to provide feedback in real time (mostly positive, negative feedback would be in private), answer questions, etc… And it didn't feel like the teacher was randomly assigning you a grade; it felt like you were explaining to the teacher why you deserved a good grade. I loved that class and that teacher. If I could go back in time and take her class again, I would. Between that and sculpture (working with metal), I had the best semester ever. :)

An Apel a Day said...

Mandy, We did start having a group critique in my first year class. My 3rd year couldn't handle it when they were in 1st year. They just didn't work hard enough. When I gave them a group critique they were certainly embarrassed at their lack of effort. I thought it was great for them. I just stopped then because they didn't care. It certainly didn't make them work harder.

An Apel a Day said...

Harry - I don't ever feel like I have enough to retire. I work at a private school, so we don't have what public ones would have for retirement, and such. I save, but it's so hard at times.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I have my eyes checked regularly, Alissa...I have to do it because I'm myopia 8 :). Btw, it was really a wonderful foundation that the parents of the boy have.

Ai Sakura said...

I like how you grade your artwork as it takes in so many different factors and you put in more effort/time than just ticking off a checklist. I hope your students appreciate the effort you're putting in for them!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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