Tuesday, October 24, 2017

WW: Pac-Man {Linky}

I get into Halloween more than my kids do. I work at an art college, so most of my students get into the holiday as well. To me it's a fun day to dress up, and be creative.

Isaak's being the same zombie he's been for 3 years now. Mica may or may not dress up.

At Isaak's school Fall Festival I dressed up. Hey if I'm going to buy or make a costume I'm going to wear it more than once.

Punched and hand cut sticker vinyl on a black shirt and black pants. A yellow swimming hat. I haven't decided if my make-up is going to be this way for Halloween or not. I may have more pictures after Halloween.

Do you dress up for Halloween?


Quirky Homemaker said...

Yes! I love dressing up for halloween and miss the days of dressing up as a family. I probably won't dress up this year, although sometimes I change my mind at the last minute and throw a costume together. Very clever pac-man costume. If I manage to get a WW post up, I'll stop back by and link up. :)

csuhpat1 said...

I have dressed up once in the last 30 years and it didn't go well. So, I am done forever dressing up.

Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I always love seeing your creative costumes! This one is super fun!

I don't normally dress up, but if we are going to a party, I will.

Anonymous said...

gr8 costume

stevebethere said...

Love it you look brilliant heheh!

Have an artistictastic week :-)

DebC said...

I love this! I'm not terribly inventive with my costumes, but I do dress up. This year I will be a witch.

Harry Flashman said...

That's a great costume. That's one of the things I like about you, when you do something, you do it all the way!

mail4rosey said...

Ha! It's fun and Pacman is always a favorite of mine. :) I don't usually dress up, just because I'm not creative and I don't want to pay for a costume I'll only use once. All of kids dress up, including the grown ones.

Terra Heck said...

That's an awesome costume! I love it!!

Mandy said...

I hate dressing up, so it was a no-go for me this year. Unless we have a party or something to go to.

That was a fun and imaginative costume you put together for Halloween! I miss playing pacman! :)

An Apel a Day said...

You can play Pacman for free online. :)


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