Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Doctor Time

I wanted to get the boys in to see their doctor before we switched insurance. Our new insurance sucks!

To be honest I thought about skipping their well check all together this year. There were a few things of concern, so I made an appointment the day after Christmas, and Travis took them in.

Little boys Big boys supporting their new headphones they got for Christmas:

I always find their stats to be interesting!


BMI: 18 - 50% 
Weight: 107 - 70%
Height: 5' 4" - 95%

We had Doctor Harrison check out Mica's moles. He's at that age where things like that pop up! All of them are ok. 

We learned that Mica did need surgery on a hernia! That post will come. It was an expensive 2017! I'm glad Mica got it taken care of though! His doctor said he needed surgery, and it could have messed up his bowels if we let it go.


BMI: 15 - 16%
Weight: 72 - 63%
Height: 4' 10" - 95%

Doctor Harrison said we're doing all the right things with Isaak in regards to bed wetting. We limit drinks after 6:30, he goes to the bathroom before bed, and we take him to the bathroom at 10 or so before we go to bed. That prevents bed wetting 99% of the time.

Isaak did, or maybe still does have a cyst on the back of his neck. I told him, "Join the flipping club!" Travis, Isaak and Doctor Harrison tried to find Isaak's cyst, and poof it was gone, or moved. They couldn't find it. We just were pointing it out the night before to my mom. It would be nice if it magically disappeared! I wish the one on my forehead would do that!

They are both tall and skinny! Mica's filled out a bit more than Isaak. Mica's clothes go directly to Isaak. Isaak can wear them, but the pants are questionable. Isaak has trouble keeping a lot of pants up. He really is a stick! 

Travis' Mom has some tall brothers. My Dad is tall! My Mom is taller than I am. My projection will be that the boys will end up to be tall.


Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I should do the same thing with my whole family soon! Stay well and healthy, everyone.. You're boys are tall and surely growing up!

Unknown said...

Whoa! Any surgery on your child is a big deal. I don't care if it's tonsils. It's a big deal. So happy it turned out alright for your son. What I want to know is how's Mommy doin? ~snicker~ I bet you were a basket case. I know I would be if it were my boy! What a brave little man he was too. Praise the Lord that you found out soon enough to get it all done where there were no problems. I'd give thanks that's for sure! I remember when my boys started getting tall, skinnier & lanky... hahaha then came the hair... oh my gosh, under the armpits was the worst & then the chin hairs. LOL Have fun Mommy don't look now, but it will happen! FUN! HAPPY NEW YEAR... I wish you all good health & happiness.

Mandy said...

Hmm… How will the boys feel about you haring their stats online when they get older?

Anyway, yay for Travis bringing up Mica's parts again. Sometimes it takes doctors multiple "looks" before they realize there is a problem. It's also awesome that Isaak's cyst magically disappeared. One less problem you have to deal with. It sounds like you'll be starting 2018 all medically sound and healthy! :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

We rushed to get everything done last year too before our deductible reset. Jason had a lot of surgery done this year, so I am hoping that everyone is all healthy this year and nothing pops up. I'll hit my deductible on Valentine's Day with my next infusion since they run over 5 grand a piece, so it doesn't matter if any surprise surgeries pop up for me.

Sounds like the boys are growing big and strong! I am sure they'll both shoot up like weeds these next few years with puberty hitting them soon.


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