Thursday, March 15, 2018

Explaining to Kids Why Dental Health Is Paramount

You have to do more than just tell children that it is important to brush their teeth. Early in childhood, kids are inundated with videos, music, and even puppet shows that are meant to explain how to properly rinse, floss and brush their teeth. Check to learn about the schools that your children’s dentist and dental hygienists attended. Little kids might need to see a giant tooth and toothbrush dancing around to make brushing fun, but they also have to see why it is critical for them to take care of their mouths over a lifetime.

We started washing our kid's gums with a damp baby washcloth. As they got teeth, we brushed them once a day and let them brush them the once a day. When they got old enough to understand a timer, we set it for them to brush their own teeth. The light up toothbrushes work great for timing kids as well. Our kids only hated getting their teeth brushed when they were sick, or cutting teeth. Otherwise they get glowing reports at the dentist office.

People Only Get Two Sets of Teeth

So, your children should get a kick out of knowing that everyone has a set of baby teeth, and eventually, a full set of adult teeth. They may even giggle a bit when they find out that there’s a tooth fairy who goes around and leaves money to children who leave said baby teeth under a pillow. With that said, kids also need to know that their adult teeth won’t be replaced naturally if they fall out due to neglect or poor hygiene. Don’t scare your children, but do tell them the truth about childhood oral hygiene. Your kids’ adult teeth are being formed under their gums years before they make their first appearance. Ensure that your kids are getting the best foundation available by teaching them to cherish both sets of teeth.

Healthy Teeth Support Strong Bodies

If your children go to the pediatric dentist twice a year and get glowing reports, their overall health will be better. Kids who don’t go to the dentist regularly also don’t normally go to the doctor as they should. These poor children end up having their oral hygiene neglected just as much as their physical wellbeing and development. Tell your kids that they should care about themselves, inside and out, by brushing their teeth twice a day.

Helping Your Children to Avoid Common Dental Problems

Kids can get more cavities during childhood than adulthood simply because they are still learning how to prioritize oral hygiene in their schedules. In addition, kids also tend to eat a lot more candy and sugar than adults. Children shouldn’t be forbidden from eating sweets or lectured every time they forget to floss. Tell them that proper oral hygiene will aid them in keeping their teeth healthier. In turn, they won’t need fillings or have to sit through uncomfortable root canals. When children know the advantages and disadvantages of following a particular behavior, they generally make the right choice on their own.

When explained in an approachable manner, kids really have a great time caring for their teeth in the morning and at night. Let them incorporate good oral hygiene into their daily routine at an early age, and soon they might be reminding you to use mouthwash and floss. Your children can have bright smiles as well as bright futures by explaining the steps they need to take to practice proper oral hygiene.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post with content added from me.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I am a big, mean jerk when it comes to our kid's dental health. The first thing I say to my girls in the morning "Did you brush your teeth?" The last thing is "brush your teeth and get to bed". Dental problems suck, and I don't want them to feel that kind of pain. My meanie approach works though because we get compliments at every cleaning on how well my girls take care of their teeth.

mail4rosey said...

My youngest is the one to question it, still at 10. "Why do we have to brush our teeth at night when we're just going to do it again in the morning?" That kind of thing. I've explained it to him. He hates the metal prod when they're cleaning his teeth at his check-ups, I always tell him the better he does at home, the less they have to use that thing!

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