Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Ever Famous Eye Roll

I just want to give the ever famous eye roll all the time lately.

Mica's going through the, "I feel threatened when you say that" phase. I don't know where he's getting this feeling threatened bit. I mean we've only hit him like once in his whole life. That was when he tried to run across the street when a car was heading towards him. He is 12. He is around other kids that have attitude. He reads a lot of books, which characters could have attitude. It's fairly new to us. Sure he's gone through phases, but usually it's short lived. I hope this one is too. I don't care that he shuts himself in his room so much. It's part of growing up to have privacy. The attitude bit needs to go! I think he felt threatened from me telling him to work faster, and pay attention to what he was doing.

Walk Out | Walk Up | Why Not Both?

Mica's school had a walk out a few weeks ago. Right now they are on Spring Break. Ok...I'm glad young people are standing up for what they believe in, BUT most middle schoolers don't understand what's going on.

Teachers have been pushed down because they don't want kids to walk out. It's a safety thing. They are responsible for those kids.

Those in Middle School are usually in tune with their own life changes (acne, hair that's growing in places it didn't grow before, and feelings) at this point. Travis had about an hour talk with the boys about what the walk out is about, and what stepping up is all about. Neither child had a clue prior to the talk.

Heck I think some adults don't get it. People sure do have opinions on if kids should walk out or step up. It's like it's one or the other type thing. Why not do both if that's what they believe? Gun Control isn't just about guns being taken away. It's about monitoring who has guns, allowing those who buy guns to buy them, but have background checks first, and giving people that have mental conditions the help they need. Those things are more what the walk out is about  to me.

The people that are against walking out want kids to walk up. Go to a person that needs help, and help them. Pick that kid that always gets picked last. Be kind! Isaak in particular does that anyhow. If he was older - I don't know why he couldn't walk up and walk out.

We get on this younger generation for not being excited about things. Here they push to fight for some rights, and we're pushing them down for it. I do get that teachers can't have the students walking out to God only knows where. Maybe the staff should be allowed to go with them. A walk would do a lot of people good.

God in Schools

So one of my family member's posted this:

For one whoever originally posted that needs to learn to get better lighting when they take photos! For two the font choices are awful! Ha!

I've stayed quiet for why too long in my life! I commented: God was allowed in the church where the Dylann Roof shot and killed 9 people. He was also present in the church where Devin Patrick Kelley killed more than 2 dozen people.

Guess what? Not everyone believes in God. Guess what? In Denmark they have the highest percent of atheists. Denmark one of the happiest places to live. I'm not saying everyone should be an atheist. Be what you want to be. The problems we have are bigger than God not being talked about in public schools. If you do believe in God, God is everywhere right? That's what I was taught in confirmation class.


My boss was on vacay for this week. That is up until today. He said all frantic like, "Alissa do you know where those recycle boxes came from in our break room?" They've been here for 2 yrs now! I recycle the freaking school papers.

I said, "Well technically they belong to the city, but I brought them here. I just put them there to get them out of the classrooms."

He said, "Well they can't be there. We need to hide them for the Open House. Tell me where you put them." All with a concerned look on his face.

Then he said as he walked away, "I may be using you to get things done for the Open House today and tomorrow."

I took them to a storage bay. He stopped me and said, "Where are you going with those? Don't go towards the classroom with them."

I said, "To the storage bay."

He said, "No that room is locked. It will be harder to get them in and out of there."

He directed me to the storage room.

Yep a day of eye rolling!


Ai Sakura said...

Haha recently over here we have news of this Chinese journalist that gave an epic eyeroll:

I think it's important for people to "walk up" too, not just walk out. You can prevent so many more tragedies from happening if we all pay attention and step up to someone who may be in need. Tragedies not just for what they can do to others, but for what they can do to themselves too..

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Mandy said...

So glad your husband had a talk with your kids about the walk out and what it meant. I don't have a kid so I'm not really sure how I feel about the walk out. I totally get that the teachers need to protect the students. I also get that the walkout was important – to show lawmakers how many kids are concerned for their safety. I mean the more kids that are involved in the walkout, the more the lawmakers should care, right? Only I don't think that's what ended up happening. I think some kids walked out without knowing what they were doing, some were punished for walking out (acceptable in my book, so long as it's corporal and it fits the "crime"), and, now that it's over, lawmakers are saying that kids should not influence gun laws anyway. I mean … say what?!? Kids shouldn't influence gun laws? I don't know numbers, but how many laws do we have because kids exist? Car seats come to mind. Cameras on school buses are another. So many laws to keep kids safe and yet our lawmakers just want to ignore all of the kids that walked out? Arg.

And then yesterday I read (not through a great source mind you) that Dylan Roof's sister threatened her school bringing drugs and weapons on the day of the walkout.

I totally agree that God is not the problem, the current laws are. My husband suggested we treat guns like cars – complete training, take a test, have a mental health examination (not just once), and insure the weapon (from theft, from the gun owner injuring himself or others), and have an age limit. The idea that teachers should or could have guns in schools absolutely blows my mind.

Hope things get better with Mica and his phase ends quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate!
He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him.
Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

An Apel a Day said...

Theresa you are so right about many people not doing their research. I’m not all about guns totally being taken away because that would be taking our rights away in the process. I just wish their where more checks people would have to go through before buying them.

An Apel a Day said...

Theresa dang it this is the 2nd time this week I mistakenly deleted a comment from my phone.

Here's your comment copied from my email:

Allison's middle school did not allow the walk out, which I thought was good. I'd wager most of the kids would have only participated to get out of class.

The high school did allow the walk out and found that one of the students brought a "non functioning gun" to the walk out. A fat lot of good the walk out had there. I consider my daughter Mariah super smart, but when it comes to political stuff, she doesn't do her research, just blindly follows the masses and I feel like a lot of teens do that as well. You want to complain about Trump? Cool, but give me some examples on what he's done to warrant those complaints. Don't regurgitate what CNN told you. Do your research first then come back with valid points to debate. Want to bitch about 50 Shades of Gray? Did you read the book? No? Then how can you form an opinion solely from what others have said about it. Read it first, do some research on the subject, then bash it. Don't just Twitter rant every time one of the new movies comes out about how it's abusive to women. Gun control a hot button now but you haven't bothered to read the constitution? Educate yourself first before trying to take away your neighbor's rights. These are the kids that will be voting in our next election and I truly hope they do research on all the candidates to make an informed decision instead of following who their favorite celebrity is endorsing.

mail4rosey said...

Our students had the option of walking out. We were directed to have one teacher go with the classes in our area, and the other teachers to take the kids we had left in the room, if a lot of them went. None went, so we were okay.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I agree that we need common sense gun laws. Stricter background checks, mental health screenings, etc. I do not support a full ban. Many of my family members are hunters and rely on hunting to feed their family. Many of my neighbors are ex military and former or current police and I do not support them having their guns removed from their private collections. However, something does need to be done about these mass shootings. It does irritate me when people from other countries chime in about our gun issues. Usually it's finger pointing without offering up any solutions. Calling for the disarming of millions of law abiding citizens is not a valid suggestion simply because it worked for such and such country, who, by the way, does not have nearly as many citizens as the US. It just isn't a practical suggestion.

Terra Heck said...

He's at that age where the eye rolling and attitude will become more normal.
I actually do believe in God. And, I believe He is everywhere. Yet, some of us choose to completely ignore it and make crappy decisions. (Not pushing anyone on my belief, just stating my opinion.)
I don't have an exact answer to what we should do about the gun laws but I know there's a mass amount of people who use them responsibly. There's always the bad apples in every bunch.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I have to admit I like doing it as well. The eye rolling I mean. lately there are so many senseless things that make me do that


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