Thursday, March 15, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Mica looking at the ad below, "Why do they call it Double Quarter Pound King, when they could just call it Half Pound King?" Us, "Good question." 

  2. We also discussed during one breakfast this week what an Oxymoron is. Mica said, "It's like freezer burn. Two opposites in one word, or set of words." The Great Depression is another example. Isaak said, "I bet butt cheeks is an example of an Oxymoron." Possibly! Ha! Can you think of an Oxymoron? 

  3. Another season of basketball was wrapped up a few weeks ago. Isaak loves it! He's getting more aggressive with getting the ball. That's a good thing in sports. A few of his team members had issues. The coach's son was getting in trouble at school for talking. The coach kept him out for all the games! Then one twin had violent problems. The other twin was great! He took off his shoes, and threw them across the court, yelled at the ref, slammed the door a few times, would slam the floor when the other team had a free throw and more. He too was out the rest of the season. Isaak couldn't believe how the one twin acted. 

  4. We may be ending our relationship with the Leadership Camp the boys go to on Saturday nights. We love having some time away from the boys. I loved what the organization stood for: Building Leaders.

    • They are getting less consistent with their discipline tactics. Our boys don't need to be disciplined, but they see the lack of consistency with other kids.

    • Their turn over rate for workers has been really high lately! Mica got snapped at for touching insulation. Well he didn't know it was full of tiny particles of glass. Cover up the insulation with a blanket! There's tiny kids that go there. Insulation looks like pink cotton candy.

    • Our boys are in the minority. The organization is all about equality, yet my boys are always picked last for every game, or event. There is a thing called reverse discrimination. I wanted my boys to get a taste of it, but it not be their every Saturday night!

    • When we pick up the boys they have to ask our names every single time. It's not that big of a group.

    • I feel like our boys are leaders already in many ways.

    We'll see if they can talk us into staying, but as of right now I think we're leaving when it hits the next tier. 

  5. Travis started teaching at a Catholic elementary school this week. They needed a sculptor resident teacher a few days a week. I think he now gets how much work there is in being a teacher. He gets paid well. That doesn't account for all the prep work. It really doesn't account for all the help his wife and boys helped him with either! It will be a great experience, something to put on his resume for sure. Good luck to him! It's his first day, and I'm writing this Monday! We cut out many cardboard pieces for Kindergartener's to make a puzzle sculpture (560 to be exact), strips of colored paper for them to add to their sculpture. He cut out lots of wood bases for older kids to make a wire sculpture, with pantyhose on top, and Gesso on top of that. Lots of colored pieces cut for some older kids to make a 3D shape. Teaching is a lot of work. Especially when you first come up with a project! The rest should be easier! They have days to complete their projects. 


Mandy said...

Good luck to Travis! It sounds like a lot of fo work he's putting into this class! Of course, by the time you see this comment, his first week will be over.

I loved reading #1 and #2. Mica made a fair point regarding Burger King. I never would have thought about it. Then again, I don't really go to Burger King. And #2 has me wanting to think of oxymorons.

An Apel a Day said...

Mandy, His first classes went great, but he was tired afterwards. That's what I was hoping for. Just because he never understands why I'm tired after class on Fridays.

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's too bad the boys are having issues at a camp that should be treating everyone as equals. I'd pull my kids from that environment also.

Way to go on the new job, Travis! I'm glad he's getting a small taste of what you have to do on a daily basis.

mail4rosey said...

Teaching has a LOT more work than people think. I COULD work 24/7 and never be caught up. That's absolute fact. Admin. throws so many things at you to do too (like move recycle bins that haven't been a problem until Open House, hahaha). We do the best we can. :)


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