Friday, June 29, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Do you ever have times where you wish you could burry your head in the sand?

    I got in a disagreement with my aunt on FB, and then the post blew up. I can see just about all sides to a situation, but like to present the other side to make people think. Kind of like how Picasso could see all sides of a face when he painted it. All the sudden I was the only person that was on the outside of things. 

  2. She was saying that it was Clinton's fault for setting up the immigration laws that are in place, and now liberals are mad at Trump. I was saying, It doesn't matter who's fault it is. We need to stop pointing fingers, and calling people names. I don't have all the answers, except that when we point fingers we piss each other off. We should start thinking of solutions, rather than pointing blame. Not all Republicans and Democrats feel the same way.

    All the sudden I was a liberal Democrat to everyone in the thread. I actually detest most politicians, and don't really put myself in one category. I have friends that are both Democrats and other friends that are Republicans. By trying to be neutral I was the enemy.

    I'm for keeping families together. I'm against the crime that happens on the edge of the borders. I know it's hard to solve both problems. I feel like something can be done. So a small thread turned into a few calling me unpatriotic, against our leader, what's wrong with our country and more. I'm still annoyed. I try my best not to comment on political posts, but dang it I was just trying to be neutral.

    I should just be glad that my co-worker that liked to get into political talks quit a few years ago. It was horrible every single day!

  3. Right after all that happened I went to see the movie, Won't You Be My Neighbor? I wish all the people in that post were with me. Maybe we could have talked about all that afterwards. 

  4. I never realized how much Fred Roger's tried to tackle. I was just a kid, watching his show. The baby pool you see below in the preview for the video was all about blacks not sharing a swimming pool with whites. He invited his neighbor over to cool his feet with him. Then he ended with, "I like you just the way you are!"

    Fred Rogers would be so disgusted with how things are today. The fighting, name calling, pointing fingers and more. My goodness I think I know where Isaak gets his sensitive side, and wanting everyone to get along, it's me. Yikes! I feel crushed lately.

  5. I keep thinking about the Sydney Loofe case. Long story shorter she went on a date, was killed and dismembered. Two people were arrested and charged with scamming a couple out of more than $400,000. Prior to that they posted a live video on facebook saying they went on a date with Sydney Loofe. They didn't know what happened to her. After a long time they were charged in her death. They actually have footage of them buying things used in her death before they went on the date. The 20 something girl Bailey Boswell - one charged in the crime was a star athlete in her town, got A's in school, and had a 2 year old. She got into drugs and went down a spiraling downward path. The 40 something guy Aubrey Trail has been in trouble with the law for years.

    I feel for Sydney Loofe and Bailey Boswell's families. Could you imagine the pain they are in? Bailey's family looks so supportive. Heck they are raising her 2 year old for her. They have to grieve over their child that took someone else's life. What big case is going on in your home town? 

  6. My Grandpa - almost 92 fell a bit ago. He didn't break anything, but his toe. He had blood in his urine. It was yet another bladder infection. Off to the hospital he went, now he's in rehab and what he doesn't know is that he's moving into an assisted living home afterwards. I don't know why they are waiting to tell him. I think they just want him to get better first.

    They asked him 25 questions, and he only got 1/2 right, he forgets to take his meds or takes 2 sets a day, he forgets to heat up food, then doesn't know how long food has been in his refrigerator, and he forgets to drink water. It's time. :( 

  7. I had such a busy last weekend. 2 family get togethers, 1 painting class I did at a church, and the list went on. What did you do last weekend?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I try to stay out of politics too. It just brings out the ugly in most people. My sister in law got pissy with Jason and I for who we voted for. I asked her if she even bothered to vote and she said no. I think there are good and bad qualities in both parties and we definitely need an overhaul in many areas, but if you can't take 20 minutes to run to your polling station and cast a vote, don't you dare point fingers at me and get pissy because laws are being made that you don't like.

I love Mr. Rogers and wish we had more people in this world like him. He was a man of integrity and one who was wonderful at uniting people.

Terra Heck said...

The world would be a better place if they exhibited even half of Fred Rogers characteristics.
I don't talk politics and I think they're all crooked in one way or another.


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