Friday, June 29, 2018

Fruit Pizza #recipe

I love desserts. So I may have a sugar tooth! I have gone on diets just to eliminate sugar for awhile. Kind of detoxing off of it is good to do.

We had Emerson's 7th Birthday and my 42 Birthday Party last weekend. 

My sister was making a sorbet desert. I love sorbet, but I hate graham cracker crust things. I don't mind graham crackers. I just don't like them all crushed up.

So I made a fruit pizza!

I have the recipe below, but I'll explain it as well.

First off I made a batch of ice cream cone sugar cookies for Travis' work and my work. The cookies had different flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon and Vanilla. All that was good, but it left me with left over frosting. I just used the vanilla to make the strawberry and lemon. Now I have lemon and strawberry extracts.

I wanted to use the left over frosting on the Fruit Pizza - as much as I could.

1. I rolled out a batch of homemade cookie dough onto a round pan.

2. I used the ice cream cone cookie cutter - backside to imprint the dough, not to cut it. They are part of the big circle, not separated.

3. Then I painted the cones with blended egg yolk, and sprinkled them with brown sugar.

4. Then I baked it on 350 degrees for 9 minutes, or until light brown.

5. I let the crust cool.

6. I frosted the cones with some frosting I had left from the cookies I made.

7. I put plain cream down in the middle.

8. Isaak topped it with fruit that Travis and I cut.

9. The fruit in odd spots like the cherries on the cones, and grapes on the edges were cut in 1/2. I spread cream cheese on them to act as a glue. It worked really well!

It tasted great too! What's your favorite desert? I think I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting the most!

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Theresa Mahoney said...

It looks so good! I never made my own fruit pizza, but the girl's grandma likes to make them sometimes.

My favorite dessert would be cheesecake. I could eat it all the time and never get sick of it.


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