Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Case of the Missing Restaurant @kccaboose

The previous post wasn't the only thing that made me think I was loosing my mind this week.

I swear when I was 4 my mom took me to a restaurant called Chartroose Caboose

My Mom: I don't remember that place. I don't think I ever took you there.

Me: You did.

My Older Sister: Alissa we never went out to eat when we were little. She didn't take you there.

Me: I'm a few years younger than you are. I remember going there. Maybe you were in school.

My Older Sister: You didn't go there.

Me Thinking: Don't question my memory! I have a freaking great long term memory! My short term memory isn't as good. That's part of why I typically do not so well on tests.

Further investigation showed that there is a Chartroose Caboose in Overland Park, Kansas. There was one in Omaha, Nebraska in the 80s. We were near Overland Park on Father's Day. 

I told Travis, "How about I pick where we go on Father's Day, and you can pick were we go for my Birthday?" So it was a deal.

They had gourmet burgers, philly steaks, rice bowls, and tons of desserts to choose from. I wasn't super hungry because we stayed in a hotel the night before and got a huge breakfast. But...everything looked good!

My only regret is getting the kids adult meals when they had $1 kids meals on Sundays. I totally missed that until after I ordered.

When I was a kid I remembered sitting in a plastic caboose to eat. Of course this was a different building and a different time. They didn't have that. They did have cool trains here and there though.

The food was freaking good!

Do you remember all the way back to the time you were 4? 

I remember bits of preschool, breaking my collar bone on the metal poll of our swing set and not being able to reach up, having a sling, having a strawberry patch. My mom forgot about the strawberry patch too. Having a jean dress with a  strawberry on it. Having knickerbockers.


mail4rosey said...

I do remember Safety Town, bits of kindergarten (and every grade after). :) That's fun that you went to the restaurant. Do you remember when McDonald's had stools that looked like the Hamburgler and Grimace?

~ Noelle said...

It is sad to say. But I dont remember much... I know I never needed or wanted for anything, but I just can't remember that much....

Theresa Mahoney said...

My earliest memory was from when I was 2. It was a bit traumatic, so maybe that's why I can still recall that far back.

I have never heard of this restaurant before, but it looks like a cool place to dine!

Unknown said...

I worked there back in 1991, from July until December. It was near 72nd St and Dodge.


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