Friday, August 10, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. We have a new Education Director where I work.

    So far I've made an ass out of myself twice:

    1. I swore I didn't get my syllabi back from him. I've had them done, since May. They were in my junk folder. Now with email from home I get junk all the time, so I know to check that folder. Here at work I never get junk, so I never check it.

    2. He came into the break room. I said, "Oh yay you are eating with us today!" He grabbed his lunch, and took it into his office to eat. Now I'm thinking - is he that busy, or does he not like us? I tend to over think things like that.
  2. I went to a showing of a movie here for Breastfeeding Week called, Milkyway. It talked a lot about how many conservatives think of breastfeeding as gross because boobs have been sexualized so much. Many liberals think of breastfeeding as demeaning to women because they then feel the need to stay home, and not work outside the house. Considering I'm in the middle of many areas I disagree with both ways of thinking. Milkyway was a great eye opening movie!

    I breastfed Mica and Isaak for 2 1/2 years each. I was hard! Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue; making his tongue really skinny on one side. Had I not breastfed him his tongue may not have developed as much as it did. With Isaak, we weren't getting the right latch. I was sore! Both kids lost a lot of weight. Because I paid over $500 for a pump I was determined to make it work. Formula has high fructose corn syrup, and other bad things in it that isn't natural. I try my best not to judge people for formula feeding considering all the problems I had, but breast is best overall in my book. No other animal drinks naturally from another animal. I'm glad we stuck with it! Both boys went on to get some pretty major illnesses, so my antibodies went to them. I'm so lucky I had the support of my sister Terra, my Mom, the boy's Pediatrician, and the hospitals when the boy's were sick.
  3. My husband is a goof at times, and I love it. He used to be Mr. Serious. Are you more serious, or silly in nature? 

  4. I saw this tar on the street. It looked like George Washington's brother, or something.

  5. We went out to ice cream. They make it there. This flavor was Baklava Coffee. It was good. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

    I really loved the sign they had up in their shop!


Harry Flashman said...

I wouldn't worry about the guy at work. They come, and they go. Remember, administrators are people who couldn't hack it in the classroom so they became administrators, and now they tell people who can manage a classroom what to do.

My wife breastfed our babies. She felt it was important because they get a lot of the things they need through mother's milk, and they don't get everything in formula. I personally think it helps bond the child to the mother, and the family.

I never though breastfeeding was gross, or demeaning to women. I can't think of anything more important for a woman than to be a good mother. If some people don't like it, then that's sad for them.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I also disagree with both views on breastfeeding.
LOL at Travis and his booty shorts.
I love homemade ice cream. In Michigan, they have Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream and Sea Salt Caramel at this beach side ice cream stand that is delicious!
Sorry your new education director doesn't seem super friendly. He probably just has a lot to do, being new and all. I'm sure he'll warm up in a few months.

Mandy said...

Yum! Freshly made ice cream is the best! I love Mom's Makin Cookies at Baskin Robbins. And Icing on the Cake. Anything sweet.

How funny that you found Tar shaped George Washington. lol. That was the first thing I saw when I looked at it.

Ai Sakura said...

I breastfed Lil Pumpkin for about 2.5 years too. Partly out of convenience, but mostly because I believe in how good it is for her too. So thankful to have the support from my family, and work when I went back, in doing so for so long.

Hmmm.. I love maccha and mint choc ice-cream. I think Ben & Jerry's is my fave brand but I've started to eat healthier ice-cream like Arctic Zero, Halo Top and Enlightened because they have lower cals and higher protein. Fit better into my nutritional plan and taste ok, but definitely not as good as "normal" ice-cream haha.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

mail4rosey said...

lol to the booty shorts. My favorite ice cream is chocolate. My son's is vanilla. Maybe we're boring??? lolol I breastfed all four of my babies. :)

~ Noelle said...

That picture of Travis is HILARIOUS!!!
I tried to breastfeed... couldn't on either. Did Broxton for around 6 months... Savannah for about a month.
I really wanted to do so too.

Ice cream flavor? Most any of them :)


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