Friday, October 12, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. It's been raining in Omaha, Nebraska for days! There's possible snow in the forecast. No thanks! I want summer back again. 

  2. We met with Mr. Principal in regards to Isaak. Isaak's no longer going to take kids to the bathroom. He was one of 3 boys selected to do so. Most of the kids in class were picking Isaak, when they had to go. He was missing out on lessons at school. Then he was ultra emotional at home. He didn't get how to do his homework. His teacher didn't want to take the whole class on breaks because of the time lost in their school work. My thoughts were - her time lost. The other way - his time lost.

    I went through his teacher first. She just said, "I can't take him off that. He's one of the few boys in the class I trust." I didn't just walk in to the Principal's office, and blame the teacher. I said, "Isaak's plate is too full. He signed up for Safety Patrol (which is every day), Student Council (which meets once a month), Chorus (misses class for), Show Choir (before school once a week), Strings (misses class for), Soccer, and Basketball (which are both after school). Little man was overwhelmed.

    Other topics we went over: Kid's forming "Cool Clubs" that Mr. Principal was unaware of, and the class talking a lot and missing recess - I mentioned they could run the track instead to at least get some activity. Isaak's teacher also said to Isaak, "Why did you say all that to your Mom?!" in regards to my email. Isaak felt like crying, and bawled at home. I said, "Kids should talk to their parents! I'm happy my 10 year old son talks to me!" Mr. Principal agreed. 

  3. I felt good about how things went. Then yesterday Isaak said, "Mom did you know teachers have favorites? I'm one of my teacher's favorites. She told me so." (insert inner eye roll, and why in the heck is she telling the kids this?) I covered quickly by saying, "Isaak favorites change. Somedays I like you better than Mica and visa versa. I love you both. It's just that one child may be easier to get along with on a particular day." He said, "Do you have favorites with your students?" I said, "I have students that are challenging sometimes. I've had students ask if they were my favorite? Then I said to them, 'You are, along with the other 30 students in the class.' That seems to satisfy them." I want Isaak to like his teacher. I have to say that she rubs me the wrong way. She's fake happy it seems. She smiles with a frown face. I've never seen anyone do that before. Her mouth is frowned down, but her cheeks and eyes are uplifted. 

  4. Travis' boss lady keeps giving him things. A foam pumpkin to decorate, so I decorated it up like an owl for him. I didn't take a picture. Next came a wooden leaf. I did take photos of that for a future post. She's given him candles, cozy socks that are very girl like and Isaak wanted, and Keurig pods. For one Travis hates flavored coffee, for another we don't have a Keurig machine. I open them up, and dump them in our legit coffee pot to use them. Do you like plain coffee or flavored coffee? Do you have a Keurig machine?

  5.  Mica's in a thing called Quiz Bowl. It's like Jeopardy, except you don't answer with a question. He has a group against other groups from other schools. We had no idea that it would be so time consuming when he signed up. It's every Tuesday after school, and 2 Saturdays a month from 8:30 to 1:30 or longer. I was feeling less than thrilled about this once I found all that out. Then I thought about it...I'll have one less child on those days. That's not all that bad. Possibly I'll go to get him one day before he calls me to take a few pictures. 

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm glad you got Isaak's bathroom duty cleared up. That was just a ridiculous situation all around.

We do have a Keurig, but never use it since we aren't coffee drinkers. Allison will use it to heat up water for tea occasionally though. I just use the pan on the stove for that.

It snowed at Purdue today. Thankfully, it didn't come any further north so we only got rain, but I finally turned my heat on. It was so cold! Mariah said there was one girl in the cafeteria at school crying today once she noticed the snow. I think that girl is my soul sister lol


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