Friday, November 30, 2018

Random Tid bits

  1. Travis and I haven't fought in a very long time. It's good, but I think it's healthy to fight every once in awhile. Last weekend was that time. No worries...we made up. It actually was in regards to Mica. If you have kids, have you ever fought about them with your spouse, ex, boyfriend or girlfriend?

    One morning Mica was typing a one page paper, for a homework assignment on my work laptop. Good thing: He can log on to Office365 anywhere with his school account. I was making breakfast.

    Mica said, "Mom I think I know a way to make this paper longer faster. I'll just bump up the font size 2 more points."

    I said, "No! I don't want you doing that. Just take your time to do a good job. That seems like something one of my students would do; just to get the paper to go from one page to two."

    Mica said, "Mom it's fine."

    I said, "Honey please don't do that. If anything...don't do that for me. What's the standard size?"

    Mica said, "She didn't specify."

    I said, "What size are you taught is the standard?"

    Mica said, "11 pt."

    I said, "Use that then. It used to be 12 pt when I was a kid. I teach my design students that body copy in a magazine is 9 or 10 points. If 11 pt size is what you're taught, she didn't say otherwise, you should use that size. You can always email her to ask her as well."

    Mica said, "Mom I'd be doing her a favor. She is older, has glasses, and can't read all these paper well."

    I said, "It sounds to me like you're old people shaming. Move the font size back!"

    Later that day:

    Mica said, "I'm done."

    I said, "Did you move the font size back to 11 pt like I said?"

    Mica said, "Oh I forgot. Now I can't because I sent it already."

    I lost it! I don't feel like I yell that much, but I was full on yelling at that point! Then Travis came in, and started yelling too.

    Travis said, "I think you need to stop, cool down, and Mica will learn from his mistakes. Think about how you're handling this!"

    I did handle it good in the morning. When he didn't listen, is when I lost it. It's like all respect went out the window for me and Mica's teacher. It seems like I don't get backed up all the time, so I was upset the rest of the day. What a way to spend a day off! The whole day Mica didn't see what the big deal was. The next day we talked it out. It's all ok now. I do think fighting has to happen in any relationship at times. Although I think Mica is still in the clouds about the whole incident.

  2. Travis texted to me that the leaf Isaak and I crafted for his work won a $20 GC to Red Lobster.

    He texted, "Date night!"

    I texted back, "I don't know Isaak helped me create it. Maybe it should be a Mother Son night."

    He texted a grumpy emoji face back.

    Should Isaak and I use the gift card, should Travis and I go out on a date with it, should Isaak, Travis and I go out, or should we just use it for our whole family? Part of me was messing with him, but another part of me was thinking, Isaak deserves some of that.

  3. Travis and I have been battling out what I should or shouldn't give Isaak's teacher for the holidays. I always give something! But it's hard because she's not our fav not a good teacher. I said, "What if we gave her something impersonal like school supplies? She could still use them. It's for the kids too." He was ok with that. Then my mom said, "Alissa you have to give her something fun!" I can't win!

  4. I have a student that cracks me up almost every day I have him.

    He asked me why he doesn't have a girlfriend, and said he understands girls so well because he has 4 sisters. All while he was talking to me he was adjusting his man parts. Certainly not anything, any girl want to see!

    He told me he was going far for Thanksgiving to see his sister's new kid. I said, "Oh what's his name?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "You better find out!" When he got back he still didn't remember his nephew's name. He had to call his mom to ask. When he found out it was Rowen he was like, "What kind of name is that?" I said, "Someone could say the same of your name. Don't judge. Just love him, and remember his name."

  5. Isaak has kind of hit a downward spiral with basketball. He gets anxious ever since his team switched from the Y to a bigger better league. I was beginning to think he was alone in feeling this, but as it turns out he's not. You can read about sports anxiety here. Now we just need to try and learn how to combat it. He was a great basketball player before!


Theresa Mahoney said...

I can't remember the last time Jason and I fought. We get snippy with each other often though. I suppose the last time I was truly pissed was a few months back when he decided to tear up the guest bedroom in our basement and turn it into an in home gym without consulting me first. We didn't argue, but I was pretty icy towards him whenever the subject of the renovation came up. And, I hardly helped him with working on it. It's fine now, but man, I was angry.

I think I like the idea of a mother-son date night with the gift card since it was your project, but if it's going to hurt the feelings of the other two, there's nothing wrong with celebrating your winnings as a family.

mail4rosey said...

I wish we could move up to a bigger, better team. Where my son is they switch teams every season and run all year. This 'season' he is on a team with a lot of beginners. I'm proud of him for passing fairly to everyone and still giving his best, but I know it's a challenge for him because the team he was on the last 3 seasons was SO good (the coach moved over Thanksgiving break).

And yes, everyone argues. I'd have been ticked...really ticked about the font thing too. It wasn't a big deal to change it, and he knew how you felt. It's the disrespect that gets me when one of my kiddos does something I tell them not to too. Thankfully, it doesn't happen often, which is true for you too, I'm supposing. We both are blessed with such good kids!!

No input on the gift card. I like all of the suggestions. Congrats to you on and him on the creation win. :)

~ Noelle said...

I am telling you, I love all the Random TidBits.
Ha ha ha..
I think fighting is normal, it can't be perfect all the time... it is just life.


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