Friday, December 28, 2018

#godseyes #ojodedios Made With Toothpicks

My mom had a cousin that passed away suddenly a few years back. Since she was married, didn't have any kids, had a brother that lived miles away, and a father in his 80s we went through her things.

She made doll clothes, so she had some creative things in her apparent. I walked off with a few dolls, a lot of beads, some embroidery floss and other random things.

I've been on a mission to use up a drawer full of embroidery floss.

It started with me decorating this stocking for Travis' work:

I'm not sure that I love how it turned out. The stocking was so small. I didn't really plan anything. I just went with it. 

I did however enjoy making the tiny God's Eyes also known as Ojo de Dios with toothpicks. 

I went on to make more God's Eyes also known as Ojo de Dios with toothpicks! One for everyone's packages + all my relatives that are older and didn't get a package. 

They are ornaments, or could be put on the fridge too. 

I took note of everyone's favorite color(s) before making them.

My favorite color is red/orange. I didn't have that color, but I did have red. Travis likes teal. I made a few of these for our tree.

My nephew that likes green, and the red was just an extra one.

Even though Emerson (my nephew with Trisomy 18) doesn't speak, he communicates. He shakes his head no and yes, likes to watch football, whines when he is uncomfortable or has to go to the bathroom, and gravitates to orange and blue.

My sister Terra likes fall colors. This is about as fall(y) as I could get with the floss colors I have. I like this one though!

I have some crazy family members that like pink. I'm not a big fan, but they are. My other sister said, "Pink and Grey", so the middle one is hers.

Another extra, or maybe I gave this one away too. I don't remember.

I wish I would have thought to do this earlier. Travis' parents would have enjoyed a few I think. They like homemade things. They live in Arizona, so doing it the night before Christmas Eve Day wouldn't have gotten them shipped there. Ha! 

The biggest frustrations: I got superglue on my fingers so many times, The toothpicks not staying glued, and the floss getting all tangled up.

Do you like homemade gifts? 

My favorite gift is that Isaak made us a snow globe all on his own. I'll have to photograph it! I'm horrible with photographing things at Christmas time! It's dark when we open up presents both times. It hasn't exactly been sunny out. 


Liz said...

I remember making those in school as a child and I loved it. I made them with my kids too and they're always on the tree.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I actually love pink and think the pink and gray would be my favorite.

Here's one for you to make you feel better about the super glue. I decided it would be a great idea to open a bottle of it with my mouth today. Let's just say I'm still picking super glue off my teeth and lips. Ugh!

mail4rosey said...

I remember making those in school! I thought they were fun to create. I bet my gram kept mine. She kept everything I made but when she passed my mom got rid of so much of it.


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