Friday, January 11, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I was full steam ahead over break. Now I'm just blah feeling. It's like I have no energy for anything. Possibly I need to up that vitamin D. Possibly I need less stress in my life. Possibly it's from switching schedules so much. Possibly it's from Isaak's teacher. I'm not even kidding about that last one.

  2. Travis has been working more hours at work. His bosses were out of town all of the kid's break, one girl has been sick a lot, and another girl is pregnant (different appointments). Good for the checkbook, but he was less there for the boys. 

  3. I have a sort of friend that's always been a hot head. He's a liberal that's very out spoken.  He reminds me of the character Yosemite Sam, but he'd have a cigarette, and wouldn't ever have a gun.

    He's a college instructor. He said because of the government shutdown, students wouldn't get their financial aid checks. I check with our financial aid director to see if this was true. It isn't. While things may be slow, it's still going to happen. Anyone new to school may have trouble. Anyone already attending school won't have trouble at all. 

  4. Isaak got his first C in a class: Social Studies. I decided to order the book off Amazon. It was $6. It came in on the 2nd. They don't want the books to go home because there aren't a lot of them. It's out of print, so pricey to order in bulk.

    I had this wonderful thought that I'd act out his Social Studies. I had a teacher that did that for me, and I got into it! The problem is that the book is just really informative, with highlighted vocabulary words. Not really acting out material. It is what it is.

    I started to read to Isaak the first part because she said, "Unit 1", but what I was reading was "Lesson 1". Anyhow I read all of it out load to Isaak, made flashcards all for very little. It's not what he's learning right now, or being tested on. He got an earful from me on that.

    Isaak came home on Monday and said, "We're not learning that stuff Mom." He showed me where he was at. I started reading that material. Travis texted to see when his test is over Unit 1, and what pages it's over exactly. She texted back that she didn't know; it depended on the kiddos, and how much the retained. What ever happened to lesson plans?

    That night I got a text saying that there would be a test on Friday. He can use notes, but he was at Strings when she had them take notes! FLIP! Talk about random! So Thursday night was our cram study night. 

  5. Monday the boys started back up to school. I kept thinking, It's a new semester. Things can turn around for Isaak.

    Isaak went to watch the National Football Championship game with Travis. They didn't watch it all. Just some. They were out late for a school night. 

  6. On Tuesday morning I get a text from his teacher saying they had a math Standardize Test that day, and to eat a good breakfast. I was like, We always have a good breakfast! But bloody hell! They just got back from break. They are testing right away! How about send the text the night before to get a good night sleep!

    Isaak took the test. 20 questions in, the computer flaked out on him. Then it started him back at question 1 again, but the problems were really hard.

    His teacher said she'd take care of it for him. The next day his teacher said she couldn't do anything for him, and will give him a homework pass.

    I was at home thinking, He's not going to get into the middle school we want him to be in if he can't finish his test, and gets a C in Social Studies.

    I emailed Mr. Principal all these new concerns. 
    Part of our 2nd meeting with the teacher and Principal was saying that we'd have more time to help Isaak study, and be informed on when tests would be. He called me back in 2 minutes. He was clear, to the point, and told me that the testing was on each student's individual growth. No other school will see the results. He also looked up if Isaak has results, and he did not. So he will be finishing up the test. I felt better.  


Theresa Mahoney said...

Man, I bet you'll be glad when this school year is over. How stressful for you and Isaak!

mail4rosey said...

I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble with the teacher. Is it possible to ask for a switch since it's at the half way point of the year? Maybe the other teacher has a student who would do better in a dif. environment and they could swap? Just thinking out loud.

An Apel a Day said...

Rosey, They hardly want to do that. It's almost easier to switch schools than teachers. I'm not too found of the other 5th grade teacher either.

Mandy said...

Sounds complicated sending a kid to school, :-/ I can't believe the teacher didn't have a date for when the unit would be completed. I'm like you – what happened to study guides??! And the school should send home a notice to parents at least a week in advance of statewide or district testing reminding kids to get to bed early and eat a good breakfast. This should not be a last minute reminder type of situation. :( Hope things get better at Isaak's school. But yay for you taking initiative in ordering the book, reading it aloud, and contacting the teacher with problems that Isaak isn't old enough to handle on his own.

Best of luck getting to spring break. Fall is always fun with so many holidays, but spring seems to last forever…

~ Noelle said...

Broxton has had lower grades this year... (5th grade) I really hate it and we have to figure something out, but I don't really know what to do.


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