Thursday, January 17, 2019

5 Boys!

A few weeks ago I watched 3 of my nephews along with my own kids.

A House Full of Boys!

I had Edison (age 4 1/2), Isaak (age 10 1/2), Elijah (age 10 1/2), Mica (age 13), and Evan (age 13 1/2). A house full of boys! My sister and brother in law went to St Louis  to a conference for Emerson (age 6) who has Trisomy 18.

I wasn't very on top of my picture taking game. It's hard when most of the boys don't want their photos taken. I'm also just bad about taking pictures when it winter time, for the most part. It's dark out, and difficult to get good lighting.

Nap Time

I took that Friday off. We ran errands and washed the car before my nephews got there.

The nephews came, they played outside, then came in. Travis got home from work. He asked me to have them keep it down, so he could take a nap. I said, "Ya right! You really think you're going to get a nap in the living room with 5 boys in the house?"

Nap time never really happened for him.

Game Time

The boys like this game called Pandemic. It's a survival game. Different wide spread illnesses occur, and you have to try and keep them under control. The game is team based. Everyone has to work together to win or loose.

They lost. It still was fun!

Sleep Time:

The youngest one - Edison goes to bed at 7! It kind of dampened the fun we could have had. Our house isn't big enough to put him in one wing of the house, while the rest of us hung out. We have 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen with a kitchenet, and a bathroom. Downstairs is an art studio, a laundry area, and a storage room. 

Edison was excited to sleep over! 

Isaak read to him. I always did say that Isaak would be a better big brother than Mica. He's empathetic, and will stand up for people.  He also is a people person. Mica is more independent, bookworm, and goes with the flow - to not piss people off.

Edison said, "Aunt Wissy (Lissy) I have my Whitening (Lightening) McQueen sweeping (sleeping) bag. I’m spending the night for 2 nights here with my brothers." I said, "Yes you are! I think we’ll put the bigger boys outside under the stars though." He looked at me so odd.

We watched Incredibles 2 before bed. Thankfully I won that movie, and it went in Isaak's stocking.

Everything went great as long as Elijah and Isaak were together (10 year olds), and Mica and Evan were together (13 year olds). When they all get mixed up Isaak sometimes gets picked on because he's the younger one in the big kid group. Then he gets sensitive. It helped that the boys had their new and old Kindles. They could share them.


I made snowman pancakes for breakfast. I knew Edison would appreciate my creativeness. I wanted to do more, but Travis was breathing down my back about spending too long on something we were going to eat anyway.

Basketball Games:

Elijah was supposed to have 2 games, and Isaak 1 on Saturday! I felt a bit like we were going to live at basketball games that day. How do people do it will lots of kids?! My parents were going to help. Then the schedule got switched to just Isaak having a game on Saturday, and Elijah having his games on Sunday. 

We did find out Isaak's team was in too high of a league, for just coming from the Y. We're now lower, and winning games! It's so good to not have that negativity in our lives. The balance of winning some, and losing others is important. 

13 Year Olds:

I am so glad that we could leave the 13 year olds home alone. They got to hang out. We couldn't fit them all in our Subaru. 

What do you like to do if/when you have a house full of kids?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I love it when we have a lot of kids running around. Sounds like the boys all had a great time together.

~ Noelle said...

I have never had a house full like that... Broxtons classmates / family don't really do much, so it is hard to have friends over... the only time we had lots at home was when it was the brothers coming to visit...


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