Friday, January 18, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Yesterday I was distracted in the office because boss man and a building next door were have loud words exchanged. I was sneaky, and wanted to listen in on what was going on. I could hear loud voices, but everything was muffled because of walls and distance. When I went to move closer to hear, and pretend to look at books. Get this...his wife was doing the same thing. Ha! She wanted to know what was going on too. I went back to my office.

    This isn't the first time they've exchanged loud words. The fight is aways the same. They are arguing about the parking lot.

    Restore is a nonprofit that helps destroy things people don't want, and sells those things for cheap. The problem is, is that they drive their big ass trucks through our parking lot very fast. Our concrete surface has gotten destroyed on more than one occasion. It gets fixed, and gets destroyed again within a few weeks.

    Our school has fixed it, then they asked to share the price to fix it a 2nd time, then boss man blocked off the area to make them go the other way. Restore didn't like that! Boss man said he blocked it off to protect our students because they drive fast around the school. True, but it's not really the reason he blocked them off. Well after a few fights about it being blocked off, boss man I believe sent them the bill to fit the concrete. In boss man's defense we're not driving big trucks around the building EVER. Then Restore brought up that our students and staff park in their lot space. We're having them move.

    What's one to do in this type of situation? I hear about neighbors fighting over trees, or retaining walls. This is kind of a similar situation. Yes I could fight over trees and a retaining wall with a neighbor as well. We haven't, but we could.

  2. We have a ton of junk food left over from New Years in the deep freezer. I said, "Pull out some pizza rolls. We can have them as a snack. Travis said, "Careful the pizza rolls are hot. They just came out of the oven." I said, "No worries." I grab one to eat it. He said, "You're going to burn yourself!" I said, "No you just need to learn to eat them right. You nibble the long edge off. Then you open it up like an old 80s money clip/holder, and blow on it before eating it all." It took him a minute to know what I was talking about. Hey I never burn myself with this method of eating a pizza roll.

  3. We had a follow-up meeting with Mr. Principal last night. I went in saying, "Well it's good news, we now have an index card of things going wrong, verses a full letter page." It did go better!

    We found out that the biggest reason why Isaak got a C in Social Studies. It was because he went to go meet with his teacher and councilor on his own accord; then when he got back the Librarian didn't tell him what they worked on. She wanted him to ask his partner, which she did nothing the whole time, and had no clue. Isaak didn't understand what to do. Most of his packet was blank. He actually answered more questions than his partner that was there the whole time.

    Now he has to follow up from the packet he half did with a PowerPoint. Mr. Principal is going to have him work on the packet instead of some reading assignments he finds aren't making him grow. That's helpful! 

  4. It's getting ready to snow good in Nebraska. All the elementary, middle and high schools got off school. It didn't happen much until the 1/2 half of the day. The kids all have Martin Luther King's Day off as well. Yay for a 4 day weekend. Have you had any snow where you live?

  5. I'm a little nervous to drive home. It's a sheet of ice out there! 


Theresa Mahoney said...

The church behind our house closed off their parking lot because it empties into our neighborhood and they were tired of everyone using it to cut through to get home quicker. We were disappointed when they did it, but I can see why it was an issue for them.

A neighbor down the street likes to shovel all of his leaves into the road, then it snows, making it so narrow only one car can go through at a time. I didn't bother arguing with him. Instead, I got a shovel and shoved it all back into his yard. He hasn't done it since lol.

We're getting ready to get hammered with snow too. Stay warm, my friend!

Liz Mays said...

Your pizza roll eating technique is genius! I'll have to try that next time.

~ Noelle said...

They say it is supposed to snow here next week. I will believe it when I see it, it is also supposed to be 70 something degrees next week (and it NEVER snows here) so I am not counting on it...
We shall see...

mail4rosey said...

I love long weekends. We had MLK Day off, but I was in Palm Beach with my grown kids, which was awesome but I didn't get a lot done at home.

mail4rosey said...

hahahahaha just read Theresa's comment on the leaves. How feisty!! :)

Stay warm ladies!


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