Thursday, January 17, 2019

SOFT Style Guide

My sister facetimed her boys, while they stayed with us. That means I got to facetime with her as well.

I asked how her convention in St Louis was going. She said she needed a Style Guide, for a logo I created for the SOFT organization.

I have my students make a style guide. It takes all semester. In my mind I was like - Really, while I'm watching 3 of your boy, you're going to ask me to do this? I know she didn't know all she was asking. I think she thought I just needed a page saying the font and colors. BUT that's not all a style guide is. It's also used to show how not to use a logo. It also gets into the spacing around a logo. That can't be done with measurements. A logo can be used for something small - like a business card, and something big - like a billboard. You have to show the spacing with a letter or graphic in the logo.

I started working on it this week. Two weeks after she asked me.

I went in thinking I could do it on a page, but that expended to a mini book. Usually a Style Guide is a mini book.

If I've seemed absent from blogging it's because of helping Isaak with school, taking Isaak to basketball practices, and working on things like this SOFT Style Guide.

Soft Style Guide by on Scribd

Do you have any big projects you've been working on?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't think people understand the amount of time some people's craft takes sometimes. It's like one people ask me to take photos for them. They think it's just point the camera and click and we're all done. It took me like 6 hours after my godson's photo shoot to edit those photos (not to mention the time I initially invested to learn photoshop). Your Style Guide looks really nice though. I hope your sister appreciates the effort it took for you to piece that together for her.

~ Noelle said...

Yes, it is hard for someone to realize just how much time things take people to do their talent. I don't have anything big going on here.. just got a new job.. but that is about it.

mail4rosey said...

People don't realize how much time it takes when they ask you to do something. I get that over here too. It's nice that you're doing it. Did your sister like St. Louis?

An Apel a Day said...

@Rosey, She mostly spent time in meetings. I don't think she got to see much of St. Louis.


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