Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Guess What's as Old as My Son Mica? #sp

Our blue Honda Civic.

I got this Civic when Mica was just 2 days old. I remember holding him in the car dealership. Little man had a high pitch squeaky cry. 

The car I had before this one was a green Subaru Impreza. It was a two door vehicle, which made it hard to get a carseat in and out of. 

The Civic is almost 14 years old. It looks good from a distance. In certain spots it's starting to rust. I have 1 tire that won't hold air, so it seems. The car has been in a few minor accidents. I have two doors that won't lock with the power locks, and two doors that do not have the power windows that will go up and down. 

True story, I so wish not everything wasn't power operated these days. I'd much rather roll my window up and down. The windows broke right after the warranty was expired. 

I'm ready for it to retire, but I know we won't get a lot for it. 

What's one to do?

Part of me wants to get rid of it, another part of me wants to drive it until it's on its last limb so to speak. Mica's almost 14, so possibly he can learn to drive on my little blue car. 

I just learned about Junk Car Masters. They buy junk cars for instant cash. They'll even tow it away for you. You just put your zip code | make | model | year, and then milage, and then they ask you questions about your car to access how much they'd give you for it. Check it out for yourself: https://junkcarmasters.com/.

If you knew your kid was going to start learning to drive soon, and you needed a new car would you A) Just splurge and get a new car. B) Get another newer, used car. or C) Just keep driving the car until something happens where it's too expensive to fix. ??????? 

Disclaimer: I got a small compensation from Junk Car Masters to help with this post. All opinions are my own. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Jason's old Altima went to Mariah when she started college. He bought himself a new-ish Jetta that she'll get upon graduation, then pass the Altima down to Allison. Jason will then buy himself another new-ish car. As for Leah, I don't think the Altima will last until she's old enough for it to be handed down again, so we'll probably have to buy her a used car then.

Ai Sakura said...

I would let the kid use the old car. No point getting a new one for an amateur driver! There are bound to be scratches and hopefully, no serious crashes...

Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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