Friday, March 29, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Now I really don't know what we should do. If you kept up with last week's Random Tid Bits - Isaak got into the crappiest of Omaha Public Schools - middle schools that's on the news for fights and problem kids.

    Travis took him on a tour to their art magnet middle school called Beveridge, which is totally Isaak. They have art, music, strings, theater, learn Adobe programs, 3D printing, and do things like learn how to weld. They want him. We won't be able to get the transfer papers until April 15. They winked at Travis that they'll more than likely have room. The high school that connects up with that middle school isn't very feasible because it's so far away.

    Then a few days ago we got a letter saying he got into District 66, which is a different school district all together. That school was just redone. It would be another year of elementary; their middle school is 7th and 8th grades. If he goes there, he'll be able to go to middle and high school with his cousin Elijah.

    The District 66 schools only has one middle and one high school, which I love. The district we live in - Omaha Public Schools has way too many choices, and bad apples! BUT Beveridge is so Isaak. That paperwork for for both schools overlap. When we've signed up for one, the other has yet to come out. I never thought middle schools would be this stressful! Where I went had only 1 choice. 

  2. I happened upon this website. Touchy feely...ya think? 

  3. I just finished up making another batch of what I call "Citrus Sugar". I just wash up a citrus fruit peeling after we have eaten it, rip it in pieces, and dry it out. I keep stirring it, and rotating it, so it doesn't mold. Sometimes I bake it to dry it out more. Then I grind it up with a coffee grinder. I add sugar to the mix. It tastes great in baked goods. We have less white sugar intake. 

  4. I saw on the news that Nebraska and Iowa have record high tree pollen. Possibly all the rain we had triggered that. I'm not really sure. I've sure had itchy eyes. Are there people complaining about allergies where you live?

  5. We need to have Isaak call people more. He's incredibly awkward when he has to call a friend. I think that's the good thing about me having a house phone when I was growing up. It was second nature to answer the phone. 


~ Noelle said...

Its so weird how school is now... when I grew up, you went to the school you were zoned for. Bottom line. Now they have "school choice" and all that stuff... just crazy!!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good luck with the school choice! I am sure you'll do what's best for him in the end.

Citrus sugar sounds great. I'll have to make some too.

Allison's phone rang and she freaked out, threw it at me and told me to answer it. Kids today don't really use a phone all that much, so it threw her for a loop when a real call came through instead of a text LOL!

Harry Flashman said...

That school thing sounds like a real tough nut to crack. I hope you can get it all worked out . I'm glad that part of my life is behind me. Existence is so much simpler when you are retired, and the kids are out on their own.

indah nuria said...

School is always be problematic..I have similar headache when we moved back to Indonesia. Well, good thing we finally get the good one but it's the private school. So spring is coming, so is pollen! Hope this year will be better..

mail4rosey said...

We're going through a school of choice dilemma here too. I wish you luck with yours. It sounds like two good options for you though, which is a good dilemma. :)


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