Friday, April 12, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak just got in trouble at school the other day. The whole class was told to be quiet in line. A boy turned around and burped in Isaak's face. Isaak said, "Excuse you." He was nailed for talking. When he tried to explain what had happened, she thought he was back talking. She said she'd talk to his parents. When I heard about it I said, "Good! I wouldn't want someone burping in my face either. What was he supposed to do?" Possibly he shouldn't have used the tone he did, but again who wants someone burping in their face? Seriously it comes down to just having manners! If someone snaps a bra, burps or spits in someone's face, wipes poop on the wall, and so on they should be in trouble. Someone that calls someone out for their bad behavior shouldn't be in trouble. Just my opinion.

    The crazy thing was that this didn't happen with his teacher. I know we've had problems with her too. Class sizes are too big. It's got to be hard to control large numbers in a room.

  2. We've had another problem with Isaak in school. Travis and Mica were both noticing he smells. I of course can't smell much, so it went right on past me. I was looking up stuff on B.O., puberty, and bad breath trying to figure out what to do. My sister said, "Have Travis smell his clothes to see where it's coming from." It was his pants. It's only humane to go to the bathroom when you need to go right? I found out he can only go 2 times a day. I pee way more than that myself. I drink a lot because of my allergies. I said, "Isaak if you have to go to the bathroom, raise your hand and go. If the teacher doesn't like it go see the Principal. Tell him your Mom said to do that. Let me get in trouble."

    I then read an article written by a Pediatric Urologist for Parent's Magazine about how unhealthy it is for kids to hold it. Like the Urologist, I believe that when someone has the urge to pee they should go. They shouldn't go 10, 20 or 60 minutes later! I understand that students can be stir crazy, and not trusted. Possibly go in teams. This is the first I'm hearing about this problem, so maybe just more breaks is all that's needed.

    Then I started thinking about girls that have gotten their period. A girl doesn't even know or understand what her body is going through at that age. What about the kid that has diarrhea? Yes if he/she has that they should be home, but if they get it in school there may be some problems. 

  3. Our roller skating rink closed down. Do you have a rollerskating rink where you live? When Isaak found out it was closing about a month ago he said, "Since it's closing we should go there everyday!" The rest of us looked at each other, shook our heads and said, "Umm nope." 

  4. Isaak's still in school choosing limbo. The school district I went to he toured. It's a brand new school. The only things is that he'll have 1 more year of elementary school + it's farther. When he visited he was like, "Everything is so little!" I think he's ready to move on up to middle school. What grade do they start middle school or junior high where you live? Here it depends on the district, and school. The district he's in now starts middle school in fifth or sixth grade depending on the middle school. The other district starts in seventh grade. 

  5. We're supposed to have another arctic blast later this week. I hope it's not too bad. We're supposed to go from shorts to snow gear. Do you believe in global warming, or do think it's just weather being extreme? 


mail4rosey said...

That's ridiculous about the bathroom time. Some people use that time to goof off. That's why it's limited. In a fair world, everyone would go out of the classroom when they needed to, and only when they needed to, but of course, that is not only the case. I get both sides.

Sorry to hear you have extreme weather coming. Let's hear it for Spring already, geez!!! Someone needs to tell the weather man. ;)

We had elementary until 7th. They start it in 6th here. Good luck with your search! I hope you find a great fit, especially after this year.

Mandy said...

I can't believe Isaak's teacher wasn't letting him go to the bathroom often enough! How awful!

I do love his response to the skating rink closing though… :) I've been into ice skating lately, so I can totally understand where he's coming from. Hopefully there is another one not too far away from you.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I seriously hate limited bathroom time for kids. Mariah's lunch didn't agree with her when she was in 7th grade. Diarrhea hit and the teacher was out of the room, so she was scared to leave because she didn't have permission. Of course, she ended up going on herself in the classroom :( There needs to be a rule that if you have to go, don't ask. However, if you abuse the rule and get caught goofing off, you get after school detention or even suspension.

We have 3 roller rinks within driving distance, but the most popular one closed down last year. The others are a bit ghetto, but we do take Leah to one on Friday nights so she can still visit with her old friends from her last school.

I'm so over this weather. It's snowing today. Last week I packed away my winter gear. I really hope weather warms up real quick and stays that way.

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa I worry about diarrhea! Poor Mariah! :( I get that some kids goof off. Those are the ones that shouldn't be able to have the freedom that others do.

Savannah, GA used to get a coat of pollen all over it. It was a mess. I dated a guy that had to shave his beard because pollen kept getting in it.

~ Noelle said...

Broxton was talking about kids not being able to go to the bathroom when he needs to go as well. I told him if he really needs to go, Go... we will deal with the rest later... I get it if they play around, but not if they really need to go.


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