Tuesday, April 9, 2019

What Are Some of Your #easter #basket Ideas?

Scavenger Hunt

Every year I put together a Scavenger Hunt for Easter. We start at the coffee table, and they get a prize and a clue egg. It might say something like, "Where food is cooked you'll find 5 eggs each and the next clue egg."

They run off to look in the stove, or microwave, but there may be 5 eggs each and the clue egg in the pots and pans area instead. The next clue might say something like, "Rub a dub dub there's 14 eggs in the _____ + a clue egg."

They run off to look in the tub.

I hid eggs in the oddest spots. There's a lot of thinking that's involved. At each spot I try and keep  same colored eggs.

Mica caught me once. I bounced up, and opened and shut the front door. I said, "Mica! You just missed the Easter Bunny. He bounced off down the street! Look he left a huge mess in the kitchen!" I didn't finish my Scavenger Hunt that year. He thought it was so neat he almost caught the Easter Bunny.

When he asked all about Santa Claus I had to come clean because he just had too many questions that year. I told him about the Easter Bunny too. He believed me about Santa, but was surprised there's no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. He didn't believe in a man, but believed in a bunny and fairy! Ha!

What do/did you give to your kids for Easter? 

Usually I try and give them some kind of building thing, like a Lego set and a movie.


I got these shirts (mostly on sale) at Earthbound Trading Company.

2 totally different styles for Isaak:

Mica's obsessed with all things space. The boy watches YouTube videos on scientists talking about space.

This shirt was from Earthbound Trading Company:

This shirt was from Kohl's:

They are getting shorts with them too. I didn't think I'd shoot a photo of those.


The boys eat non stop, so I thought I'd get them some snacks. Annie's makes bunny crackers, so it's perfect for Easter time!

Books or Movies:

I know I'll probably hear something negative about this, but they are getting books instead of movies this year. Mica asked for The Iron Trial and Isaak's all about the Horizon series. He has yet to read this one.

What's Easter without candy?

I wish their favorites were the same things. They'll both eat really anything, but they each gravitate to certain things more than others.

Mica likes jelly beans the most. Isaak likes Peeps a lot. Travis and I could go for anything chocolate, or Reese's. I picked up Jordan Almonds because we all like them.

Clean Up!

One of the clues will be about cleaning. The Easter Bunny really wants them to clean! We don't need a lot of supplies. This should help them.

Since Mica LOVES Quiz Bowl at school, he should get into these Quiz Master games by Goliath.

Isaak has this horrible habit of taking the erasers off the backs of pencils. I'm putting these erasers in some of their plastic eggs.

Other Easter Ideas for Older Kids:

-Silly Putty
-Silly String
-Fidget Toys
-Rubiks Cube
-Wallets or Purses

I thought about getting Isaak a felting set, but that so wouldn't be Mica's thing. Of course there's unique things, for different kids.

Do you get excited for Easter?

Disclaimer: I got the Goliath games and erasers awhile back from the companies. I reviewed them already. If you'd like to get the erasers you can get them here. If you'd like to get the Quiz Master Games get them here and here. The rest of the stuff in this post I bought. All opinions are my own.


~ Noelle said...

I normally do a toy or two... not much as far as candy...but I for sure dont do much.. its Easter, not Christmas!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love those Nasa shirts. Mariah has a few and a Nasa hat too. She thought about space research for a while, but ultimately decided on medicine. She's getting cleaning supplies and a few things for her apartment that she'll be moving into this August.

Allison is getting beauty products.

Leah is getting clothes.

I'll put a chocolate bunny and maybe some Reese's eggs into their baskets, but we are trying to limit the sugar this year, so they won't be getting much candy. I'm sure their grandma will make up for it though, as she always gives them big bags of it at Easter.


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