Friday, April 12, 2019

What to do to Make #Allergy Season a Little More Bearable

As my long time readers know I suffer from allergies and asthma. I've had a major nose surgery a few years back (polyps and deviated septum fixed). I have to get allergy shots once a month now. It used to be that I got them once a week! Yikes!

I'm not perfect, but I'll tell you what helps me to feel the best I can feel during allergy season:

  1. Take showers at night. Many people take them in the morning. It helps to get that pollen out of your hair before you go to bed. 

  2. Cut your hair. I cut mine just because I have to wash it daily during this time of year. I dated someone once that would get pollen in his beard. He had to cut that off. In Georgia the pollen is so bad, you can see yellow powder all over. 

  3. Wash your pillowcase often. Thankfully I have a Grandma that had tons of pillowcases that had sweet embroidery things on them. I inherited the big stack! I switch all our pillowcases out.

  4. Take Zyrtec and nasal spray at night, and Singulair (if it's prescribed to you) in the morning. Singulair is not an antihistamine. It is however one of the only allergy meds that helps with asthma.

    Why take Zyrtec at night? It decreases inflammation. Much of the time allergies are worse in the morning, and better at night. If you take meds at night, you'll wake up feeling better.  

  5. Flush your system out with a sinus rinse. I know they aren't the most desirable at first. I'm here to tell you that this helps so much!

    Things to watch out for with sinus rinses: Don't share them, clean them after each use, use warm water with them, pour or squeeze the water in slowly if you have a cold (it can be hard on the ears, and you may be so plugged very little comes out), use only filtered water. 

  6. Get extra sleep. Easier said than done. 

  7. Drink a lot of H2O. Flushes the system out more.

  8. Drink or eat all the things that are known to reduce inflammation. Check out my Wellness Drink here! I'm not all about natural remedies. If they can work, I'm all about them. This Wellness Drink works. I researched all the things that reduce inflammation, put them in a pot to cook it, put it all in the blender to blend it, and 1/2 goes in the fridge, while the other 1/2 goes in the freezer. My husband looked at me crosseyed when I first made it. Now he asks, "Did you drink your Wellness Drink?" After about 20 minutes I get fluid up and out of my lungs. Isaak had a head cold. He had a cough that would not quit at night. He tried the Wellness Drink, and the cough went away in 20 minutes. It works so well! 

  9. Want to go all natural? Try Quercetin with Bromelain. The combination helps with relief from inflammation. There are many different brands on the market.

    There's also Breathe Easy Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Basil, Tea Tree, and Rosemary. You could mix them to clean with, or diffuse into the air. I think the all natural things help, but for me only minimally. Then again I have extreme allergies and asthma. I firmly believe that all bodies are different. What works for one person, may not work for someone else.

    Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar
    3 times daily with "The Mother" is known to help allergies and asthma. 
Do you suffer from allergies and/asthma?


~ Noelle said...

Lucky I dont really suffer... but we know Savannah and her allergies/eczema. :(

Mandy said...

Great tips. Everything is definitely turning yellow here right now. I had never thought of switching out pillowcases; that's a great idea!

mail4rosey said...

These are all good tips. Water can be such a miracle for so many things, so I'm glad you included. Now I'm going to go daydream about Savannah. You mentioned GA. and that's where my mind instantly goes (swoon). :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Thankfully, mine are only minimal. I do hate it when I open the doors in the spring and my furniture gets a light coating of pollen on it. That irritates me more than the allergies lol. Did you see where North Carolina was just dusted with a ton of it? One whole town was just covered in yellow. Yikes!

Harry Flashman said...

You sure are right about the pollen in Georgia. The Pine Trees just dump it, so it looks like corn meal on the ground and on your car.

I take benedryl for the itchy eyes and it works ok. We keep the buildings shut up to keep the pollen out of the inside.


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