Friday, April 19, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I do different types of critiques with my students: 1 on 1 (them and me), a group of 2 with me, whole class (I don't mention names), groups of three (them) with a worksheet of questions to fill out, and lastly they turn the work in and I draw on tracing paper over it to hand back to them. I don't do all the above for every assignment. Just 1 or 2 ways of critiquing per assignment.

    Last week I had a group critique of 3 students along with a worksheet for them to fill out. They talk about the piece, and answer the questions as to what their group thinks about their art. If I don't have a sheet they talk about anything, but the work. When I said it was Group Critique time they all grumbled. I said, "What's the deal?" One said, "I just don't like talking about my art. It's awkward." Another said, "We just don't like talking to each other." I said, "That means you need more practice. You guys have to learn to talk to one another, and about your work. You're not getting out of this!" They looked at me with darts in their eyes. What the heck?! Every class has some kind of energy, and this one is quiet. Maybe it's a generation thing? My last class was really talkative though. I'll probably get on my evaluations: "Mrs. Apel makes us talk to one another. I hate her for that." 

  2. Isaak, "Mom I NEED a shoulder rest for my violin! I think we're supposed to get it at Scheels." Me, "I don't think Scheels is the store we need to get a shoulder rest at." Isaak, "I don't know it's somewhere that starts with an S." Me, "Could it be Schmitt Music?" Isaak, "Ya that's the place." Me, "Do you know what shoulder rest you need? If I shopped online I bet I could get it cheaper. I'm just not in the mood to run all over Omaha." Isaak looking online with me, "That one, no that one, no that one." Me, "We better go to Schmitt Music."

  3. My husband is a science guy. When something happens he doesn't think it's a miracle. It's chance, genetics, or science. I do believe in all the above. I'm not a super religious person, but I believe in a higher being. Good thing can happen to good people. If someone is down on their luck, life has a way of turning back around for them. What do you think? Do you believe in mostly science, are you religious, or are you a bit of both?

  4. I got a tea set to review on facebook. Truth I mostly got it to redo their packaging for my portfolio. The tea really is good! You can get it here.

  5. I went out with a guy "Geordie" when I was in grad school. His real name was Hugh, middle name Gordan, which is where he got the nickname "Geordie". It seems like a lot of hoops to go through to come up with a nickname. I ended things. I just didn't think we were compatible. He was super quiet! I wouldn't say I'm outgoing, but I can carry a conversation. I have patients, for quiet people. One this is true about quiet people: When they say something it's usually well thought out, hilarious, and/or profound. They don't waist their words. They savor them. It's odd that I feel like I'm knowing him more because of what people post about him on facebook. He has a brother, and a close group of high school friends. All of which he never talked about.  Things weren't weird when we broke things off. I think we were both old enough to know that life goes on.

    He passed away in his sleep last week. I wasn't close to him any longer. I feel for his friends and family though. He was pretty young! He has two girls, still in elementary school. He got married, divorced, engaged, and separated. He died alone. May he rest in peace!

  6. So here's to Gordie also known as Hugh, the quiet guy that ran a printing press:

Disclaimer: I didn't get the tea set to review on this blog. I'm just sharing because it's a cute set.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Sorry to hear about your friend passing (even though you grew apart years ago). It's always shocking to hear of people that we went to school with have passed.

I think today's youth is lacking on communication skills. They are so used to texting and snap chatting, they don't talk face to face as much as they should, so when they are forced into situations where they do have to talk to each other, it's awkward.

Terra Heck said...

Sorry to hear about your ex from way back. Stinks that he left behind young children.
I am Christian and believe in Jesus.

mail4rosey said...

I'm sorry to hear your ex passed. That's never fun. My 'boyfriend' from school lost his dad not long ago, and last week his mom. I won't fly up to go to the funeral but my mom is going. She has been best friends with his mom since before he and I 'dated' way, way back when, so everyone kind of kept in touch...until he got married. Me, my husband, mom and grandma (and one of my kids, I's been awhile) went to visit once right after he got married, and she nixnayed that every happening again. I can see how it might be weird for the new wife, but I was so surprised. We'd all been visiting and enjoying each other's company for so many years. I miss him sometimes (completely platonic, always was, our idea of 'dating' was to write each other notes and say we were 'going together'), but whatevs. I did, however, feel the loss of him for his parents. They were good people.

I can relate to what you say about the students. Some just don't like to socialize. Too bad. Part of the curriculum. We can't grow if we don't go outside of our comfort zones, or so they say. :)

~ Noelle said...

SO sorry for your loss... it seems more and more people are passing away. I just found out a guy I went to college with passed away last month. Today he would have been 40.


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