Sunday, May 19, 2019

Happy Birthday Isaak!

Dear Isaak,

You turned 11 today!

We spent much of the weekend in the car, but loved spending time with the Apel side of the family. We don't get to see them as often as the Spiehs side. Grandma Apel made you chocolate cake. Nom Nom!

You moved up in the world, and got your first cell phone. Kind of necessary when we don't have a land line. You're excited to take the Babysitting Class at the Omaha Public Library this summer. They have Basic First Aid as part of the class.


You were too busy this year. We had to take something out of your schedule. You want to sign up for everything.

You enjoyed (not all at once) Show Choir, Strings, Basketball, Soccer, Student Council, Chess Club, and Safety Patrol this year. You go to Banister Leadership Academy on Saturday nights. We made you drop Chorus because you were so busy.


I still think your favorite thing to do is draw. When you don't have homework, or a sport you draw.

We've been watching all the shows of Medium on Amazon Prime. It's our show!

You go back and forth from liking basketball to liking soccer.

You love free nights where there's no homework to do. It's a woo hoo! moment!

If we celebrate it, you totally dig Taco Tuesday.

You are gentle with younger kids.

You like to hang out with kids that are nice. Your words, not mine.

You are goofy, yet empathetic.

You like to cuddle.

You're a good helper. You enjoy working outdoors the most. You hardly complain with any other task given to you.

I know you're growing like a weed! You snack all the time, and often have seconds for dinner. Later this week we get to see how tall you are, at a well visit with Doctor Harrison.

We Have to Work on:

Being speedy. You are our kid that takes awhile to get ready in the morning. You eat slow. Taking tests slow is a struggle. Especially when there are 6 tests in one day. I feel for you with that one. I'm a slow test taker too! Any helpful sites, please comment with them!

New Chapter:

You start Beveridge Middle School in the fall. It's an art and world cultural studies magnet school. We're all so excited! One of your classes will be Piano Lessons!

Happy Birthday once again!




Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Birthday! 11 is a good age! You share your bday with my wedding anniversary (also Prince Harry and Megan’s wedding anniversary too)

~ Noelle said...

Happy birthday!!!!!
Time flies, doesn't it???
Cant wait to see what's in the future for you!

Terra Heck said...

Happy belated birthday to Isaak! Sounds like he's growing up into a great young man.

mail4rosey said...

It's awesome to get piano lessons as a class in school! I hope he has a wonderful time off and a great new school year when the time comes. He looks very handsome (and grown!). Happy Birthday too him!


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