Friday, May 24, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've been battling a cold all week. Mica had it last week.

    I thought it was just allergies. He was complaining of a sore throat, being tired and achy.

    I said, "Do the Neti Pot, wash your hair, take some Zyrtec, change your pillow case, and go to bed early. It's just allergies." He swore it was more than allergies. I didn't believe him.

    Now I have, had this more than allergies thing, have apologized to him, and believe him.

  2. I got my allergy shots on the 13th. I get 3. I bruised up so bad on the arm where I get 2 at once. I kind of made a big deal out of it because I never reacted like that before. I message the doctor's office. He told me to send photos to the nurse. I did, and heard nothing back. This is a week after getting my shots on the 20th.

  3. Mica was reading a book when I was driving, "Mom pro is the opposite of con. That must mean progress is the opposite of congress." I said, "Pretty much."

  4. My school got out last Friday, and the boys got out this Wednesday. We're done with school, for now. Are schools out where you live? I know some places had to go longer because of the snow. I don't know how we escaped that. 

  5. I picked up Isaak from school last Friday. Only to be greeted by his smiling teacher. I asked, "Did Isaak have a good day today? I know he's been struggling with attention problems, since it's so close to the end of the year." She said, "No. He had a rough day. He didn't get done with his tests." Apparently they had SIX tests in ONE day! I can see why he was struggling! He had to take what he got done for 2. I get the standard tests. Why have tests for their main subject the same day as the standard ones? I just think SIX tests in ONE day for elementary seems like a lot! Do you think it's too much to have SIX tests in ONE day? 


Theresa Mahoney said...

6 tests in one day is ridiculous, especially at that age!

The nurse for my infusions always pokes me several times with the needle looking for a vein, and I always bruise up like that. It's so ugly and painful for a week or two afterwards :(

Harry Flashman said...

Sorry about the bruising. That really doesn't look "right." I hope it's nothing to worry about though.

When I was teaching, I detested standardized testing. It worried the kids who cared sick, and the one's who didn't intentionally botched. Our annual performance evaluations were based in part on the kids test scores. My last year ( I only made it through three) they gave me six Hispanic kids who spoke no English at all. I had 38 kids in the classroom 10 over the legal max.

When standardized tests came along, I asked my principal what to do with the Hispanics. She said they had to take the tests. I told her they couldn't read or write English, and she said Atlanta had ruled that all students had to take the tests,because some teachers were "dumping" their low end kids claiming they didn't speak English when in reality they were just not "producers." She told me the Hispanic kids should just bubble in the test sheets. She also told me my Hispanic kids test scores would be averaged into my overall evaluation like anyone else (it would be "racist" not to. I didn't sign my contract at the end of that year and went back full time to accounting.

~ Noelle said...

6 in the same day???? Ridiculous!
Hope your arm is better now.

mail4rosey said...

I think most kids and even adults would be done long before Test 6 and not give it their best.

My son's teacher was almost like a kid this year, with the way she dealt with things. I looked her up and she's 22. Enough said.


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