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Stuff Happens Parenting Edition @GoliathGamesUS Game Review

We play a lot of family games at our house. I really love the Stuff Happens series of games. Our whole family (aunts, uncles, sisters, nephews and niece) all got together to play the original, and they loved it!

Games are fun, build memories, and often times make you think.

About Parenting Edition Stuff Happens:

Rank these funny and relatable parenting moments in our new Stuff Happens: Parenting Edition card game. If our Misery Index agrees with you, you get to keep the card. Correctly rank 10 scenario cards to win!

Is discovering your kid’s secret booger wall better or worse than a failed homework assignment that you helped with?

I stress about Isaak tanking his Science Fair Project because I was the one that helped him. We started it around Christmas time, to get it out of the way. We followed Mica's board, which got an A at a Science Magnet Middle School. Just two weeks ago his Science teacher kept referring to their experiment. My face turned beet red, and I swear I could feel me heart beat in my face. His board looks great, but he didn't do a typical experiment. I hope he does ok. If he doesn't it's a lot on me. We worked hard on it. :( We put up Optical Illusions, got votes as to what image people saw first. Then he made bar graphs out of the votes. A typical experiment - not really. He does talk about how Optical Illusions have more to do with the brain, than sight. It's a bottom up process, which we also got into.

This whole year has been kind of rocky for him! Quite frankly I'm just done. We try to do our best to help him. There just isn't a lot of communication in 5th grade. They have homework assignments that are supposed to use pages in a book, which they can't take the book home. In science the teacher doesn't even use a book. They get all fun things taken away from them because their class doesn't behave the best. Isaak was getting an A in Science. Then at conferences we found out he was getting a C+. Then he tanked a test because he wasn't there for a review that everyone else got (he was finishing up his standardized testing). If he tanks this Science Fair Project I feel like it could be my fault!

With the question above, my kid failing their homework assignment with something I helped with is worse than him secretly putting boogers on a wall. He can clean those up.

How to Set Up the Game:

Mix the 200 cards up. Give each player 5 cards. Put the cards face up, in order by number. 

The other player or other team draws a card, says what the card is: "Kid Sabotages Class Picture". Then you or your team has to guess which two cards, or possibly before or after your first or last card it fits in. If you're right you or your team is one step closer to winning!

Here are Some Funny Cards:

Can Work as an Expansion Deck:

This expansion can be played on its own, but if you’re ready for some brutal honesty, mix these babies in with any Stuff Happens deck!


For 2+ players, ages 13 and up. 

Isaak's just about 11, and he loves this game!

Game Contents: 

  • 200 new Stuff Happens cards with wild situations 
  • Fun for the whole family 
  • Complete instructions
When I was about to pack the game away I saw this card: 

Isaak lost his little stuffed puppy in a hotel in Utah. It was such a big deal then. I paid for it to come back to us. He never named his stuffed animals, so we called his puppy No Name.

Parenting is tough at times!

Where to Get Stuff Happens: Parenting Edition:

It's sold by Goliath exclusively at Walmart.

Disclaimer: I got this game for free in exchange for an honest review. Goliath did not tell me what to write for this review. The words and opinions in this post are my own.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

We love this game! Played it at New Years, then Mariah took the deck to college with her. I'll have to grab a permanent set to keep at the house.


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