Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Do You Prefer Camping or Staying in a Hotel? #travel #vacation

When we stayed in Minnesota we couldn't decide if we should camp...

or staying in a hotel?

I said, "Why not do both?" So that's what we did. 

Camping Perks

You're out in the wilderness most of the time. 

There are possibly more memories made.

Kids learn new things: How to start a fire, how to put out a fire, problem solving and so on.

Wifi is actually part of many camp grounds, so that's no longer a negative. 

No TV could be a perk or a negative. You didn't go on vacation to watch TV. 

There are choices: Cabin, Tent or Camper. 

Many campgrounds have mini golf, bikes to check out, hot tubs, pools, movie nights. This is something you have to check out prior to investing. What's a perk to one family, may not be a perk to another. 

It's cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Camping Negatives

Lots of bugs possibly.

Weather can mess up your fun.

Allergies can be a problem. 

Bathrooms usually aren't nearby. That's worse at night, than during the day.

You need more things like bedding, blankets, firewood, bug spray, dishes and so on. 

You have to plan out you time more. It takes longer to cook your food than going out to eat. 

It sucks if a grocery store isn't nearby. 

There isn't a place to go for privacy. In your camping space family is there, in the bathroom someone is knocking on the door to use it, and in the showers there are others showering too. 

I'd say that Girl Scouts did prepare me, for starting a fire. The boys grabbed all kinds of green kindling. I knew better. 

Even though there are bugs, there's also little creatures. 

Isaak found this tree frog he didn't want to let go. It is kind of cute!

We kept having ground squirrels and regular squirrels join us at our camp site. We don't have them in Nebraska, so it was kind of fun seeing them run all over. We just have regular brown squirrels.

Isaak also found a butterfly near a river's edge. It's wings were broken. He was sad when Travis said we couldn't keep it. 


Hotel Perks

Safety First: You can come and go without the worry of a hot fire to put out. You can lock your room and a cabin, but you can't lock a tent.

Clean towels/sheets and a made bed every day.

Continental Breakfast is often included. This is one thing I make sure of. I'd rater spend a little more for Continental Breakfast because I'll spend an extra $40 going out for breakfast. 

Many have a little fridge and microwave. That can save a lot of $$$$.

Wifi is part of deal. My boys get excited to watch cable. We only have regular TV and Prime at home. They watched a few Man Flicks. You know the type: The world is coming to an end, the military and president have to get involved to save it at the end. There's mostly action, and a slight romance. The main star always gets the girl.  

If you forget something you can ask the staff to help you.

Many have an indoor pool and/or hot tub. Bathrooms are inside your room.

Many are near public transportation.

Hotel Negatives

Swimming towels are always so small. We had this discussion. They are even small for the boys.

We actually had more problems with kids running around all hours of the night more than we did camping.

You spend more time on devises and watching TV, than you do with camping. 

If you're on a different floor, and there's no elevator things get heavy. With camping we parked right up to our cabin. There was little walking to get to our cabin.

Filters need to be changed. I don't know why, but Travis checks air filters when we get to hotels. They always need to be changed. 

You don't have the outdoors to dry your swimming suits. 

Many won't take pets if you have one. 

It's more expensive than camping. 

If you ask the boys they'd say they liked the hotel more. A hotel seemed easier. I think the boys liked the fact that they had a TV to watch. BUT I have more memories from camping. I do wish the KOAs we stayed at had The Pancake Man. There have been some I've stayed at in the past that did. That would have made breakfast faster, cheaper, and easier. I'm glad we did both. We had to take more, but variety is nice! 
What do you prefer Camping or Staying in a Hotel? 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I got no compensation, for writing this post. All opinions are my own. 

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I am a hotel girl all the way. I need running water and a comfy bed. However, I would be up for trying camping maybe once, but I know in my heart I would hate it.


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