Thursday, June 27, 2019

We Visited @walkerartcenter in Minneapolis, Minnesota #travel

Our first stop when in Minneapolis, Minnesota was Walker Art Center. The sculpture garden is free. You can view it at any time. 


The inside of the museum is closed on Mondays
11-5 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays
11-9 Thursdays
11-6 Thursdays and Fridays

Make sure you check their hours! We went to the Minneapolis area, then to Duluth area


Members are free
Adults $15
Seniors 62+ $13
Students $10
Children 0-18 FREE
Active Military $7.50

I did like that Mica and Isaak both got in free. So many places consider our 13 almost 14 year old Mica an adult now. Vacations are more expensive, than they used to be.

I have to say I won't have all the artists, titles of the pieces, and years they were made. We did a lot of art galleries/museums. I was on vacation. I just wanted to take it in, shoot photos, and make sure my boys were in line. 

We Started at the Sculpture Garden:

I do have to say that this is one of the better Sculpture Gardens I've been too. I love that it was free. It was amusing that someone got too close to a sculpture thinking that no one was watching them. Then on a loud speaker a guard said, "Please stand away from the sculpture sir." It wasn't us.

The pathway took up into their most iconic piece:

I'll do a Grover...




Flat as a Pancake Person

This one was really cool! I didn't know it was a person right away. You can't see the person flat, but can at an angle.

Shadowy Isaak

Isaak threw himself on the ground and said, "Mom take my picture!" So I did. The shadow is artwork.

The Apel's Rock!

It was Father's Day, so I tried taking some photos of all three boys in one scene. That's not easy when Isaak and Mica bounce all over like Tiger.

Where art thou Apel boys? 

They have a bridge tower that they were running and climbing on. Better that than on some sculptures.

Blue Cock

We all had our immature moments of saying, "Hey look at the blue cock!".



It's so funny to me that a blue cock is picture wise in front of a church.

Travis liked this one:

He's late, he's late for a very important date. 

If you like Alice in Wonderland, maybe you'll like this one. Although I don't think it's off that story.

Wind Chimes

My neighbors growing loved wind chimes. I remember my Dad hating them so much. Their bedroom was closer to the neighbor's than mine. This tree was full of them. I wanted to capture the essence of them just for him!


Empty Coat

Mica was actually standing behind this. I cut him out in Photoshop, and put him inside it.

The museum didn't open up until 11, and I think we were done seeing things at 10 or 10:30.

There's this zig zag path that's cool, but wore me out.

Here's the Walker Art Center building:

In the lobby they have these rock bean bags that the boys didn't want to leave. At least they were watching something educational.

Here's my American. Here I thought it was best to think outside the box.

It says, "By standing in the zone created by this drawing, and for the period you remain there, you declare and agree that you are a citizen of the United State of America." He could have been visiting from a foreign land. I suppose that's the point.

An Andy Warhol:

There were a ton of other pieces. Many interactive.

They did have a display of transgender work. There wasn't anything too crazy, for the boys to see. I know they didn't get it either.

Isaak did love this chalk room!


Travis wrote, "Do not exploit the naive youth".

I sort of wish that we would have paid extra to go play mini golf on their patio. When they mentioned that at the desk I didn't know it was all artist made. 

What part of this museum would you like to see? 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I got no compensation, for writing this post. All opinions are my own. 


Liz Mays said...

So many fun photo ops there! The cherry in the spoon is classic!

mail4rosey said...

It looks like you had a good time. That's funny that the guy said to step away from the sculpture to someone. And Grover!! You made a Grove reference and I totally got it. Today's kids might not (how could Sesame Street be going by the wayside??). Just a note, it's hard to read some of what you wrote because all the way down in various spots there are squares that say photobucket?

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's awesome that both boys got in free. I hear you on more expensive trips now that they are older.

We're just as immature as you guys. We would have talked about "Hey, look at that big, blue cock up there! That's a huge cock! Wonder if he has any blue balls to play with?" I know, sometimes you just have to be a little silly.


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