Tuesday, July 30, 2019

WW: Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum @weismanart {Linky}

The last art museum we visited in Minnesota was Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum. It's part of the University of Minnesota.




Monday Closed
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10-5
Wednesday 10-8
Saturday, Sunday 11-5

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This piece was really pretty interesting. I just wish I could have captured it better. The glasses were mirrors. You could see yourself in them.

Nap Time

They had an installation of mats people could lay on. My boys totally took advantage of that. Travis in particular keeps vacations packed. Good because we see more. Not so good because we get to places before they even open up. Ha! This was the last museum, and they were museumed out.

I had to practically yank them off those mats. They also get assholeish to each other. They were kicking each other.

If Only Fishes Were Wishes

I took pictures of the fish mainly for my sister-in-law that loves to fish.

This one took up a whole room:

A wood frame with glass and paint.

Wood Pieces:

Blue Girl:

I was a little bummed because I know I took a photo of Isaak posing with this blue girl. Then I couldn't find it. Possibly I took too many photos, and deleted the wrong one. I was annoyed with myself. He was so odd about nudes. This one he embraced. I guess it looks a little like she's wearing clothes. Her boobs are there - in your face.

Chickens in Cages:

It's a little hard to see in the full piece, so I took shots of this one with the full piece, a closer up shot, and a really closer up shot.

Lost Them:

At this point I think I said, "Travis they are your sons right now. I'm done with them." They weren't bad, just annoying each other every minute. Fighting over who got which bench, who should have their head on which side, and so on. I can tell by the smile on Isaak's face that he was the punk that started it all.

Melvin Smith:

I took a lot of photos of Melvin Smith's work. I liked it to much. He makes buildings and houses, photographs them, and adds them to his collages.

Some of the buildings and houses:


They did have a whole room of old Disney and fairytale postcards. I took a few photos, but opted not to post them. They were each framed and under glass. I had to shoot them all at an angle to not get reflections or blinding light spots from the lights. Then I'd have to straighten them all out in Photoshop. I'm not a huge fan of Disney. I kind of think they run the world. They own ABC. They capitalize on everything they can by making sequels like crazy and real looking movies off of animated looking movies. Not to say I don't love some of their movies. I just have a love hate relationship with them. My sisters begged for me to go to Disney World, and I said, "Umm Nope!" I think I'd rather go camping.


When we were done looking, we went to a room off to the side that was fairly empty to charge our phones and my camera battery. I seriously think there should be charging stations at museums and malls. Kind of like how there's a check in for coats, bags and umbrellas. It didn't dawn on me until this trip how great a battery station would be!


While we waited there was a great view on the inside, and outside.

What was the last art museum that you visited? 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I got no compensation, for writing this post. All opinions are my own. 


NanaHood said...

Fun times....even when they act up!

Lydia C. Lee said...

Looks like a fun gallery!

stevebethere said...

What a fun post heheh!and good to join in too haha!

Have an artistictastic week :-)

Veronica Lee said...

What a fun and interesting place to visit!! The Chicken In Cages is my favourite!

Happy Wednesday, A!

mail4rosey said...

The art is great. You're not a Disney fan? :) I love to go, but it took me a few years to say that (because I was such a huge Cedar Point fan). Glad you had a nice day out! This does look like a cool art museum to see.

csuhpat1 said...

Such a beautiful and cool museum. Very nice. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love that this one was free and it had such interesting pieces to show. I would have totally taken a nap on those mats too!

The last museum we went to was the American Museum of Natural History. I was a bit disappointed in it as it seems to have a bunch of man made fake animals in it. It came with our City Pass and that's how we ended up there, but I would have much preferred a different museum instead.


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