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Bored? Solve These Mind-Boggling Puzzles!


You have finished all your chores for the day. You are at home. You cleaned yesterday, so there is nothing left messy. You did the laundry this morning. You completed the work you brought home from your school or office. That TV series that you were watching? The seek pointer just swept past the last seconds on the finale episode. And now, there is absolutely nothing left to do. Are you bored? Can't find anything to do? Why do you not entertain your brain with these mind-boggling puzzles? Put on your thinking caps. Let us get your thought train running!

1. Captured By Pirates! 


This one is a classic prisoner-hat riddle. Imagine you are a captured pirate on an enemy ship. Nine of your comrades are also there, bound with ropes. The enemy pirate captain is in a playful mood and wants to kill you and your friends for sport. "You can save yourselves if you win a game!" he says. Eager to save your lives, you agree. The rules of the game are thus. You and your ten friends have to wear a pirate cap on your head, which will be either black or white. You are all supposed to line up height-wise and face forwards, such that everyone in the line can only see the caps of all the people in front of themselves. You cannot see your cap, and you cannot turn back or break the line. You will save your life only if at least nine out of ten of your friends guess the color of their cap right. The pirates give you five minutes to come up with an idea. If you fail, you will have to jump off the deck of the ship into the sea. How will you save yourself and your friends?

Answer Ahead:

The tallest person at the end of the line can see the caps of all his shorter friends standing height-wise in front of him. So he can pass some information on to his friends. This information should be whether the number of black colored caps he sees in front of him is odd or even. "Black" could mean an odd number, and "white" could mean even. Let's say that the tallest guy says that he saw an even number of black caps. If the next guy counts an odd number of black colored caps in front of him, he can deduce that he has a black cap too that makes the number even! Otherwise, if he sees an even number of black colored caps, he can safely say that his cap is white. In this way, one by one, everyone can guess the color of their caps very easily!

2. Prison Break


The police arrested you based on a false complaint registered by your nasty neighbor Betsy. Now you are in a jail cell. Your trial is not for another week. This cell is dingy. It smells horrible. Your cell doesn’t even have tiles; it has a mud floor. You can also spot a plate and spoon for your daily meals. There is an open window on the left wall, but it is so high that it is out of your reach. Due to some repair work in progress, the repairmen leave a shovel in your cell every night. One night a fire breaks out in the jail and you are on your own. You cannot use the shovel to tunnel out of the cell because the fire will reach you before you can finish the tunnel. How will you escape?

Answer Ahead:

You can use the shovel to create a pile of mud under the window. You can climb that mud mound to reach the window and jump out through it. Did you guess it right?

3. Poisonous Pills


A serial killer offers ten of his captives a choice. If they make the right decision, they will live. There are two pills and a glass of water on the table in front of each victim. They must eat one of the two pills on the table. The serial killer promises to ingest whichever pill they do not choose. He tells them all that one of the two pills is poisonous. All of the captives eat one of the two pills, and they all die. How did the serial killer make them all choose the wrong pill? Was he really taking the half odds?

Answer Ahead:

The serial killer is smart. He did not risk his life at a fifty percent chance. He poisoned the water in the glass. The pills were harmless! So when all the captives took the pills with the water, they dropped dead before the serial killer had to ingest his pill.

4. Whodunit?


The rich people with villas in the city center woke up to a piece of shocking news this morning. There has been a cruel murder upstate. The crime scene has been left mostly undisturbed. The housemaid Chelsea found Mrs. Waltham's body on Sunday when she returned from a week-long vacation in Barbados. You are the detective the rich people hired to find out who the murderer was. When you reach the crime scene, you see unopened mailbox overflowing with envelopes. There are a couple of bottles of milk and an unread newspaper from Wednesday on the door. The window of the upper bedroom is broken. The house is very clean, except for a set of footprints that originated at the open window. Who killed Mrs. Waltham?

Answer Ahead:

The newspaper delivery man killed her. The last newspaper delivered was on Wednesday, and he did not deliver any newspapers after that because he knew that Mrs. Waltham was dead, having murdered her himself after breaking-in through the upstairs window.

How many of these answers did you guess correctly? If you figured even two out of these four out, you are a genius! These riddles jog your brain and are an easy way to kill boggling riddles can be found here. So what are you waiting for, get your pen and paper out, jot down some clues and do some serious sleuthing!

Author Bio:

Rebecca Siggers is a Teacher and passionate writer. She enjoys writing about the Kids learning activities, Parenting tips, effects of Puzzles and Crosswords all around the globe. She has been working as a freelance writer for quite some time now. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help kids grow their mental skills.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post. All written content was provided by Rebecca Siggers.


mail4rosey said...

Ah poisoning the water was smart. Wicked, but smart.

Theresa Mahoney said...

The poisoning of the water got me too. Moral of the story, don't trust a serial killer.


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