Thursday, October 3, 2019

Freezing Moo Shame

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.

We have a new ice cream place in Omaha. It's called Freezing Moo. Maybe you have one too.

We decided to go there early August, for Travis' birthday.

They had a deal where if you liked them on FB, showed them, you could get one free ice cream. I was up with Isaak. Travis drove separate, and was back further with Mica. I got my one free ice cream, and paid for the other. I didn't leave a tip. It was an automatic one, on a pad I signed for. I'm sorry, but I like to try my drink or food before tipping, and I hate this new trend where places tell you how much you have to tip. Really I wish they'd just pay people more, so the tip is included in the service. How do I know if what I got is good, or not? I knew we wouldn't have a seat, or a table for them to clean up. Isaak piped up, "MOM you didn't leave a tip!" I got called out by my eleven year old! In my oh so quiet pissed off tone I was like, "Isaak shut up please!" There's my story of shame! I knew Travis was behind me, and would leave one. He did. 

My bill rang up to be $10 something. For 1 ice cream! Travis' was $5 something. I think I didn't get the deal. Boom there's their tip.

We went through the line, and got our ice cream, stood outside and ate it.

Was it good: Yes, but I felt like I had a super rush of sugar, went home, and had an Asthma Attack. An inhaler stopped it. A great sign that I should lay off on the sugar.

What is a shameful story that you've had lately?

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I do not tip at places like this. Only where the wait staff make like $2 and change an hour. They are paid a living wage like everyone else, so no, no tip from me here.

Yikes on needing the inhaler! But glad the ice cream turned out to be good!


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