Monday, November 25, 2019

Bluetooth Shower #speaker by AncordWorks Review

Make it an AncordWorks Christmas. They have different selections of bluetooth speakers. I think these make excellent gifts, for tweens or teens. Most of them have some kind of device like a Smart Phone, a Kindle, an iPad, and so on.

This time I got a round speaker to review:

Mica and Isaak both love their AncordWorks speakers. They use them in the bathroom, when they are taking a shower, in their rooms, in the kitchen when they are helping me, and outside when they are helping their Dad.

These Speakers Can be Used Around Water!

I wouldn't suggest using any electronic item in water, but this speaker can be used around it.

Want to go to the pool, the beach, perhaps a river? You can have this speaker on the side.

Want to listen to tunes in the shower? It comes with a suction cup to attach it to a shower door, wall, or you could just set it up on a shelf if you have one.

Carry it With You:

I like that it has a handle on the top. It's also great that it's fairly small, but puts out a lot of sound. It's 2.91 inches tall and wide. I think Mica could take this with him on his Chicago trip, and it would fit great in his suitcase. 

Durable Buttons:

When I got my first AncordWorks speaker to review I was impressed that the buttons are silicon. Even the port that it has, has a silicone cover. This speaker is the same as their others. 


I got the green color to review. It's an olive green. They say on the box that it comes in black and an orangeish brown. I don't see the color options on their Amazon link. Amazon often tells you where to get other products. I don't see the different colors there either. I do have a complaint, I'd like to see the color options when one goes to purchase this speaker.

Where to Get it:

You can pick up this speaker, all it's accessories and manual on Amazon for $18.07. It's on Prime, so free shipping if you're a member. It comes with a 12 month warranty. I don't know that we'll need it.

What is one gift that you bought this year to give to a teen or tween?

Disclaimer: I got this product to review. All opinions are my own. The company did not tell me what to write. 


Terra Heck said...

Hmmm, may have to get one of these for my 21 yoa son. I think he'd like it, and that's not a bad price.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'd like one for when I work out. I use my iPad and the sound is just too low sometimes when I am trying to hear what the instructor is saying. I think this would boost up the volume so I can watch my shows and actually hear what is going on over my treadmill.


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