Friday, November 29, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've been tired, since Daylight Savings Time hit! Lights out early, so is my brain power. I've even bumped up my Vitamin D3.

  2. Isaak's been put in 2 groups at school. One group doesn't seem like they'll listen to him. The other group had one sleeper and another one that left the group to go do what they wanted. He's pretty frustrated. I don't blame him. While it's important to learn to work with people, middle school is a rough time even without being in groups.

    I was in a group in middle school where boys were violating my space. One put his pencil on my chair and said, "Sit and spin!" Then he kept putting his hand on my upper leg. You could say I hated groups at that moment! BUT I asked the teacher if I could switch, and said the boys were doing things to me that wasn't acceptable. He didn't ask questions, he let me switch groups. I got in a group with one of my best friends at the time. We're still friends. It was a negative situation that turned positive.

  3. Mr. Sunny is now pooping regularly. YAY! Not Vet follow-up.

    We actually have seen him grow. His tail is thickening up. Such a good thing! The Vet said his tail was too thin. His diet has expanded. He used to only eat 2 small mealworms every other day. Now he eats 1 superworm, and 2 small mealworms, or 1 cricket, and 2 small mealworms. We're attempting to breed mealworms and superworms. He could eat roaches, but after a fun back prick allergy test I know that's something I'm allergic too.

  4. I had a student that came to me and said, "I'm sorry I wasn't in class. I had a reaction to a med I was taking." I asked, "Can I ask what med you had problems with?" She said, "Well I had an allergy flair up, so I took Claritin D, an Equate Allergy, a Zyrtec, and a Montelukast. No one could wake me up."

    If you know anything about allergy meds, she basically took 3 of a similar med; overdosing! Montelukast is the generic of Singular. It's, it's own bird. Basically it's primarily for Asthma. The rest of what she took are all the same type of drug!

    I don't worry about drugs with students as much as I do with them mixing drugs! I hear all the time about them being on an anti depressant, and drinking on top of that. Not good!

  5. It might not stay this way, but as of right now Isaak has higher grades than Mica. Mica found out he had all A's mid way through. I think that went to his head. 


mail4rosey said...

MY son has his first and hopefully only F ever, on his progress report. We both had pneumonia and missed 4 days of school. It was hard for him to recover and the math teacher wouldn't take his makeup work (because he didn't ask right away when he got back). He is grounded from electronics (he can only play on weekends anyway) until they come up. Harsh maybe, since it isn't all entirely his fault, but I can't tolerate the F and don't want him to think it's going to be easy at home if he gets them. The rest of his grades are very high.

I'm glad your pet is doing better now and his tail is getting thicker.

Groups are you said, it depends on who is in them.

I'm glad your student was okay. Mixing meds is never a good idea.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I always hated groups. I felt like I always got stuck with the misfits and had to pull the weight of the whole group myself.

Yikes on the meds mixing. Hope she doesn't do that again!

Glad that you guys have Sunny and are whipping him into shape. I bet he loves having you guys as his new family :)

Mandy said...

I've been tired since Daylight Savings Time hit too. :( Been going to bed some nights as early as 8:30. :(

I'm so glad you were moved to a different group when you were in middle school. I mean I think someone should have talked with those boys, but ... either way. Glad you met a good long-lasting friend that way!

Terra Heck said...

Mixing meds like that can definitely cause some harm.
I had labs done and my Vitamin D levels are super low so dr. prescribed a very high dosage that I have to take once a week.


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