Friday, November 22, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've had not 1 but 2 companies lately say that I'd get something to review, and to send over my address. Then I never heard from them again. Has this happened to anyone else? I didn't say anything bad, I just sent over my address like they asked. That's like a winner not getting a prize that they spent time entering. 

  2. I belong to this app called Nextdoor.

    This lady (we'll call her Cally - not her real name) put out a thank you for people getting her groceries and helping her out, when she asked for it.

    I was curious to see if I knew her or any of her friends, so I copied and pasted her name into FB. It was the same person on both. She has a dent in her forehead like she was shot, or got something removed and stitched up. She has the same star tattoos on her chest.

    On her FB page someone posted, "Cally has moved on to the next life and we (her family) would like people to stop messaging her. Her phone is on so we can hear her voice, but please leave her and us to rest."

    Now I'm wondering if there is a true mystery there. Is this girl dead to her family? Was she running from something, and that's why she needed help? My mind won't escape this drama.

  3. Has anyone else out there watched Man in the High Castle - the final season?

    I love that show, so much! I put the book on reserve at the library, for Mica. Let's hope he reads it. He's mostly into watching videos on his phone, and laughing.

  4. Mica fell at recess. Side note: How great is it that he has recess? Isaak doesn't at his school. Well he has Walking Club if he gets done with lunch fast enough. He never does with brushing the food out of his braces. Back to Mica falling...He did something like this: He went to step up, there was no step, so he lunged into a metal step with his ribs, flipped, and landed on his knees.

    He knocked the wind out of himself, so he couldn't breathe, or talk at first. Everyone gathered around. He went to the nurse's office. There she told him he bruised his ribs. We were never called. How odd, I thought that was protocol now a days.

    We weren't planning on keeping him home the next day, but we did when he fell again in his room.

    My Mom made me feel so guilty about leaving him home alone, and not taking him in. He's just uber sore! This is the same lady that sent my sister to school when she had an Appendix that needed to come out, and when she had the Chicken Pox after I just had them. She said they were moles. Moles that grew overnight. So if Mica gets worse it's on me. Ha!

  5. I really wish the lady that helped us get an HSA account knew more to tell us. She didn't even know how to assign us 2 cards.

    We overpaid in it. I didn't even think that was possible. Now it's a mess! I think the cap is $6,000, and over all we put in more than that. Here I'm thinking it's a good thing we put money into it. Ya know to pay medical, dental, and orthodontist bills.

    Travis had to go to the Orthodontist to have them take that out of our checking account instead of our HSA account. Then he has to go to the tax guy to figure out our options. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I've pretty much stopped reviewing products from companies that send out random requests. I just go through a 3rd party like Izea or Activate and apply to campaigns and let them weed out the bad people. Once in a blue moon I will agree to a partnership (I am doing another Nixplay Digital Frame soon) if the product really intrigues me, otherwise it's a no.

I haven't watched Man in the High Castle yet, but I've heard great things about it. Maybe we'll start it once we catch up on American Horror Story.

mail4rosey said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that Mica got hurt!! That is fun that he gets recess though. I hope he heals up soon. That's no fun at all. At least he will have the holiday to rest.

I didn't know you could overpay your HSA. I love my HSA, it made it so it didn't matter that my deductible was so high, I just used it towards it instead.

Yep, have had plenty of sponsors offer something and never send it. Have had lots of things show up over the years too, that I didn't order and had no idea who they came from.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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