Tuesday, January 14, 2020

#pencilcase #pouch Review

Mica's super into anything space, or galaxy. This summer we're going to start the process of redoing his room. His room right now has streets painted all over it. There's nothing wrong with streets. It's just that Mica's past playing with cars and trucks. I think we'll paint his room with a blue grey, and add galaxy paintings on canvas. He has a locker in his room, and we may repaint that to be dark blue.

He watches YouTube videos on space, wants to go to a high school that has classes on Astronomy, and reads a lot of books on the subject.

I recently got a Fresh Twister Jumbo Pouch to review from zipit: https://just-zipit.com/collections/pencil-cases/products/fresh-twister-jumbo-pouch?variant=18497684635705

zipit has a lot of cute cases on their site!


It has the name zipit for a reason. It zips fully shut, and unzips all the way. I did find it got stuck in one spot (zipper wise). 

Patterns in Fresh Twister Jumbo Pouch:

Race Flag


It's pretty big. Much bigger than most pencil cases. 9” x .78” x 5.9” 

What You Can Carry in it:

Anything small! I was trying to think of things a teen would want to carry in it.

Art Supplies
Rubber Bands
Paper Clips/Alligator Clips
Ear Buds
Phone Charger
Chapstick/Makeup for Girls
House/Car Keys
First Aid
And Much More!


$9.99 Free Shipping if you spend over $35. I think the cost is very reasonable; considering the size and the cost I've spent on other pencil cases in the past. I love that it has a lifetime warranty!

Don't hesitate to get one. I'm thinking the Easter Bunny will leave 2 of these, for the boys. Why wait, for back to school time? They can use them now. 

Do you have a pencil case you carry around? We have a drawer at home, I have a canister at work, but I carry a case on my cart to go to the classrooms. 

Disclaimer: I got this product for free, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I really like the design. Aside from school supplies, these are a good way for girls to discreetly carry their feminine hygiene products to school. Allison has a similar case in her school bag and another in her swim team bag.


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