Friday, January 3, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. On the last week of classes, I felt so bad for Mica. He had his Science Fair presentations. He had to give 3. The last presenter put his form in another student's spot. They are listed by number, and I guess the last digit was covered up. He had to present his project to yet another person. Thankfully this kid just rolls with the flow.

    The year earlier he was told to leave his stuff in his class, or wherever - do not bring it to his Science Fair Presentations. He left his stack of books, and stuff in the cafeteria, for that last presentation he shouldn't of had to do. Then he went back up to get his stuff, only to find it was all gone! He went to the lost and found, asked the cafeteria person if they knew who took it, and asked the office. It wasn't in any of those places. I told him, they may have turned his books into the school library. Nope! Thankfully he found his stuff the next day. A staff member turned it into the office. Talk about a heart stopper! If that would have happened to Isaak, he would have lost it.

    Then Mica checked his grades. He has B's in 2 or 3 classes, when he should based on his assignments have A's. His homeroom teacher thinks it's a computer glitch. She emailed his teachers. Mica's like, "Well B's are good." BUT he earned A's! We still don't know if this was fixed. 

  2. We've been rewatching Orphan Black. We all love the show. I never realized it's rated M, and the first time we watched it Isaak was probably 8 or 9. Now he's 11. Dang Tatiana Maslany is a great actress! Underrated, for sure. I think we counted, and she plays around 12 or 13 different roles: Beth (cop), Sarah (punk), Katja (French Girl), Alison (Soccer Mom), Cosima (Science Geek), Helena (Ukrainian Messed Up One), Rachel (Stuck Up), Krystal (Prissy), M.K. (Introvert Artist), Tony (Trans), and others on videos like (Jennifer and Camilla) they don't always name. You can tell when one is trying to be the other. How does she do that?

  3. Every year, for the past few years I have the boys write for this:

    They've never won, but it's still good to make them write. Isaak seems more about it than Mica. Mica's more the reader. Isaak's choosing to write about the Soccer Mom Alison from Orphan Black. It was from a book. Who knows if it's ok - being an M rated show. 

  4. The boys were a bit ticked off at me, for not having a Dance Party for New Years Eve. They apparently like that. I just wanted a chill holiday. PLUS Nebraska is rated the highest for Influenza A. Not that I think we should build a bubble, for our family, but I don't really want sickness drug in. Isaak's "friends" wanted to know if he was having a party. He told them, "No". Then they proceeded to say they'd hang out together, but never invited him. What did the want? Our food? Thank Gawd he has other friends at school! One is our carpool, and takes Isaak to school a lot!

    What did you do, for New Years Eve?

  5. At this point I'm tired of food, and we had a Pot Luck, for work on Thursday.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I have never seen Orphan Black, but I do have it in one of my steaming watch lists.

We usually stay home on NYE, but this year we went to a friend's house for dinner and board games until midnight.

mail4rosey said...

We stayed in for New Year's Eve and I was fine for that. Jan. 2 my son's wife went into labor. The baby wasn't born until the 3rd (emergency c-section because the baby was stuck). The baby is 100% healthy and just beautiful. No pics online though, her parents don't want her online. We are all smitten. She is amazing and sweet.

That's amazing your son got his items back from the cafeteria. I work in a school and know the odds of that happening are not huge.

I hope your son gets his A's. If you earned them, you should get them!

I haven't heard of the show. My son wanted to watch Gotham. I thought since it was related on DC comics' Batman it would be okay. Ew. Yuk. Ick. Nope. The storyline is good but it's a little (lot) mature for kids. Body parts sliced and diced, violence without concern, etc. Def. not your kid version of the show, lol


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