Monday, December 30, 2019

I Hope You Christmas!

Christmas Eve morning rolled around, and we were all still in Christmas Festivities madness.

My sister Terra was getting over Influenza A. My nephew Emerson and Brother-in-law both just got Influenza. Mica was going to bed at 7:30, for a few nights because he didn't feel good. Isaak was feeling better, but had Strep Throat earlier in the week and the week before.

We decided Emerson would stay home with his Dad. Otherwise we were good. I many times questioned if Mica had Isaak's Strep Throat, or an ear infection, but he remained fever free through all of it, so he went to have Christmas Eve with everyone.

Here's the best photo I could get of us. Mica's lips were like that in just about every shot. The ceiling is going to have a light up there. That's where the chimney flue went from our fireplace that we sold. For now it looks like a graduation hat on Mica's head. Am I right?

We went to church. It's something we only do about once a year. Sorry, but I'm truthful, plus there's a story there. My older sister dropped the bomb that they don't want to do the church thing anymore. I want to mention that we are faithful; we just don't go to church. Before the service I texted to my older sister to pick up hand sanitizer because my Aunt was asking for it. She texted, "See that's why I stayed back to get things ready, and get things like that. ;)" I texted and said, "Well I thought about it, but decided since I'm a few years younger than you I need to put a few more years in to going." I was surprised that Isaak participated in the youth sermon, and sang. 

After church we went back to my Mom and Dad's to have a huge meal of soups, shrimp, cheeses, sausages, dips, veggies, crackers, and more. 

That's when my Mom started looking really bad. Feverish! 

Everyone liked their gifts. We all loved the sweet treats a little too much!

Here's one photo of my youngest nephew walking around with the Spider-Man blanket we gave him. I gave him that, and a Paw Patrol video. For his birthday my sister said he loved PJ Masks. What did I get him for party plates? Paw Patrol. He'd never seen Paw Patrol. I said, "Well I'm getting him a Paw Patrol DVD, so he knows what it is."

I hardly get good photos of people unwrapping gifts, and spending time with each other. It's always dark when we have Christmas with my family, and dark when the boys open their gifts in the morning.

Here's a photo on Christmas Day of the boys with their cousin's the same ages as they are. My nephew Evan wanted a hoodie. It's hard to find one under $50! I just didn't want to pay that! I found one on Amazon for $28. Then my nephew Elijah wanted one. Then Mica saw me ordering it, so he wanted one. Isaak liked it too. Aunt Terra got my boys hoodies as well.

My boys hate me a little because I told my Mom to get them these sets instead of Legos:


They are very complicated. Everything is paper! They each fit their personalities. Isaak's into plants. Mica's into books. I'm sick of Legos. Travis said, "Well you can put them together, and give them to your grandparents." Isaak said, "No way am I going to put that much work into something to have them put that out probably once a year." Ha! 

They got a lot of things they LOVE from their grandparents. No worries. I will do the paper sets with them. It may take a year, but we will get them done.

Christmas morning I got up at 7. Isaak was on the love seat at 6! Just waiting... until we all got up. This is the first year he hasn't believed in Santa. I'm glad he was still excited for Christmas! He doesn't look excited in this photo. He was just sick of waiting for us!

There were a few gifts I was pretty darn excited about giving...

Mica's Spacex Long Sleeve Shirt:

BUT Mica decided to slice the box with a scissors, and sliced his shirt. We had to pick on him because in preschool he took his shirt, and cut it with a safety scissors right in the middle. This time he sliced right in between the A. I ordered a new one, thinking the sliced one could be a night shirt. But I did decide to try and sew it. I didn't do too bad, so I canceled my order. The best option would be fabric tape, but I'm not a sewer, so I didn't have any. 

I was oddly excited about these steam punk glasses I got last minute. Isaak loved trying some on at The Mall of America. I don't know how much he'll really wear them, but they look crazy, and fun.


I gave both boys Cheez-it Boxer Briefs, in Cheez-it Cracker boxes. The crackers remained closed, and I slid the boxers in there. It was just a fun way to give their gifts.

I loved Code Piano, I got for Isaak to review. 

Travis and I didn't get each other too much. We got our new phones. That was a lot! 

He did pick out a saw, and a tortilla press. I got a Pizza Peel last minute, to review. He ended up loving it, and made pizza right away. It kind of looks like a spanking paddle. Ha!

I got a few shirts I picked out, and a new kitchen mat. I know not that exciting, but I really wanted a new mat! Our old one was peeling. Plus this one is red. Why not add more color into my already colorful kitchen?


I also got a Kamboocha Starter Kit, from my Mom. I asked for it, but I'm slightly nervous trying it out. All I have to do is follow the instructions, but I'm horrible with instructions. Only I could mess up Amish Friendship Bread, that was passed down to me. I have to get past this fear of screwing things up.  

Both boys hugged us when they got their first game station, PlayStation 4. I have a lot to learn. Who knew it only came with one controller? Not me. I didn't know you have to pay extra to play online with other people. It's all new to me. I told that to the Game Stop guy, when Mica went to pick out a few games.

What were some of your favorite gifts you got or gave? 


Liz Mays said...

I like those paper construction sets you got them. Those are way cooler than Legos! I can't believe he sliced his shirt with the scissors. Yikes!

It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!

mail4rosey said...

The paper kits are great. I haven't seen those. I got my granddaughter a Christmas House to build. It was in her age group but even the adults gave up on helping. It was a pain. I'm sure it's still sitting in the box. I'll go over in the next few days and help her get it put together. :)

I bet the boys loved that PS4!! :) That pizza (paddle, ha) would be great. I've always wanted to try one. Homemade pizza is delish.

I hope everyone is feeling 100 % now. Sounds like your family got doused pretty good with sickness over the break!

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

Theresa Mahoney said...

All the kids want hoodies these days, and you're right. They are super expensive! I did find some for $35 for Leah, but even that was more than I wanted to pay, especially since she doesn't take care of her clothing.

Let me know how that kombucha works for you. I buy it but if I could make it cheaper, I may get myself one too. My favorite gift to give was a weighted blanket for Jason. I move so much during the night, I think I wake him a lot. The weighted blanket, I noticed, has helped him stay sound asleep even when I'm tossing and turning.

~ Noelle said...

Broxton had a shirt with a cup of hot chocolate on it... and cut a hole in it
Said he wanted to see if the hot chocolate would leak. Ha ha ha
He was like 5. Lol


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