Friday, February 21, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. All day yesterday I had a PMS headache. I so wanted to sneak a Ibuprofen, but I'd be thrown into an asthma attack + a sneezing fit. No can take! I do have to say that it's great I haven't had a headache in a long time. Something I used to live with daily. 

  2. I've been getting a kick out of looking up Garbage Pail Kids + People's names I know. I never found humor in this when I was a kid, but now I do.

    Of course they spelled my name wrong, but oh well.

    Travis had two that I found, and they both had to do with poop. Personally I like, "Tracking Travis" the best!

    Top commenter goes to Theresa! Sorry also spelled wrong.

  3. I've been worried about my nephew Emerson. He has a brand new type of seizure. I feel for my sister. She's the one that takes care of him the most. I took the photo off her facebook page. He has mittens because he constantly chews on his hands, which isn't good.

  4. Mica wanted to watch Super Size Me 2. Now none of us are craving chicken. I had to remind my boys that Super Size Me (the original) had them not wanting beef, for awhile. Milk kind of goes with that as well. Also all kinds of crap is sprayed on our veggies and fruit. Before too long we won't have anything to eat. Are there certain foods you won't eat?

  5. Isaak's mouth has been sore all week. He had braces added to his molars. It's worse than when he got braces to begin with. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I loved Garbage Pail Kids when I was little. All of my allowance went into buying the cards. My sister would make me memorize the names like flash cards LOL. I think I may have had one or two back then that actually spelled my name right.

That's horrible about the new seizure. I have so much respect for your sister having to deal with that. My best friend's daughter spent the night here last summer and when we got in the car for a beach trip, she immediately went into a seizure. I panicked and started crying because I didn't know what to do. Thank God her mom had gotten there minutes before and was able to hop in the car and hold her until it was under control.

There are a lot of foods that I avoid because of my colitis, but I especially don't do milk unless I absolutely have to. Sometimes it is necessary in baked goods (I have yet to find a suitable replacement for it in some of my recipes) so I do keep a gallon in the fridge at all times.

I hope Isaak feels better soon! Mouth pain is the worst pain!

Terra Heck said...

Garbage Pail Kids were so much fun back in the day! I went Valentine's Day shopping this year with a co-worker so she could get a present for her fiancee. One thing she bought him was Garbage Pail Kids hot sauce.

~ Noelle said...

Awe. Had forgotten about gpk.


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