Tuesday, November 24, 2020

6 Gifts Adults and Kids Can Enjoy Together

Have you ever had those moments when you enjoyed a child’s gift just as much as they did? Well, you’re not alone! There are some gifts in this world that are outrageously fun for both adults and kids alike. Whether it’s toys, gadgets, furniture, or puzzles, these kinds of gifts can provide hours of entertainment. If you’re looking for gifts that will tickle not just a child’s fancy, but yours as well, read on for a few ideas.

3D Pen

The world has started to go 3D, and so far, it has been most popular with puzzles and printers. A fun little gadget that has come onto the market, though, is a 3D pen. With this fun little device, doodles are no longer confined to a piece of paper. Instead, they become 3D shapes that you can even put on display. What kid or adult wouldn’t have fun with that?

Snowball Blaster

Everyone loves a good snowball fight. Why not ramp it up with a snowball blaster that propels your icy weapons 80 feet away? These devices provide plenty of entertainment in the winter and you and your kids can take turns using it.

Giant Beanbag

Ah, the beloved beanbag. These trendy items are everywhere these days and they can even be found in corporate offices. Beanbags come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used as a piece of furniture or as a decorative item in the room. To make it enjoyable for both adults and kids, you could get cartoon-decorated ones for the younger generation, and then opt for plain, colored ones for the older folk.

Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by numbers is another activity that both kids and adults can enjoy. Ranging in simplicity and design, paint by numbers provides hours of fun and these can be adjusted depending on your age and skill level. If you’re interested in buying a kit, justpaintbynumber.com has a wide variety options to choose from.

Air Shark

If you like remote controlled devices, the air shark might just be your thing. You’ll need a large room to enjoy this gigantic inflatable beast, but it gives you the chance to both wow and startle your guests (especially if you set it loose without any warning!). Kids will also love its lifelike movements as it swims across the room.

LED Fireworks

With the pandemic keeping everyone inside this winter, particularly for big public events, you may want to invest in some LED fireworks. These can be set up in your backyard or next to a blank wall and programmed for a variety of sequences and color schemes. Get your kids in on the action so that you can work together to put on the indoor show of a lifetime.

There are endless options when it comes to gifts that both kids and adults will love. With a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, both you and the little ones can be entertained for hours and days on end. Have fun exploring these options above!

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These sound like fun gifts!


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