Sunday, February 28, 2021

Random Tid Bits

It’s been a really LONG time, since I’ve done a Random Tid Bits post. Here goes:

  1. Isaak said, “Mom are you in the middle of a work meeting?” I said, “No.” He said, “Oh good! I get to go to the bathroom with the door open!” 

  2. Mica had an assignment to make a vlog. He made one about taking care of a gecko. We had to shoot it so many times. Now it's so big he can't get it uploaded onto Canvas - what his school uses.

  3. Whenever we do anything as a family, if the clock strikes 9 pm, Mica wants to go to bed. I don’t know that many 15 year olds that are bound by a routine as much as he is, nor do I know any that go to bed that early on the weekend. 

  4. I wanted to get vaccinated before either of my boys went back to school full time. Our state along with many is super slow in this process. I was going to be up with high risk asthma. Teachers complained, as they should, and snuck in there. I’m like, I’m a teacher, I’ll get in that way. Nope! Schools with teacher unions are getting in, and I teach college.

    Isaak goes back on Monday. His grades were horrible. It’s a mix of depression, lack of drive comes with that, and confusion from being online. I hope that going in person helps.

    Mica’s getting A’s for the most part, so he’ll stay home with me. I’m thinking about having him sign up for a college course, for the summer, to see if he likes it. 

  5. With work I have my most excellent days, and frustrating ones. The frustrating days are typically because I can't get ahold of anyone that's associated with a task I need to get done.  Which brings me to tears. I think a lot of it is the change I’m going through. I don't get hot flashes, but I do get anxious and tears just flow. I like to stay busy, get things done, and do a good job.

    I try to compensate the frustration with positivity. 

    What frustrates you at work? 

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Theresa Mahoney said...

Mica is like Mariah. She actually used to set her phone alarm to 9:30 (and probably still does) to remind herself it's bedtime. If we're playing board games or enjoying family time, she'll ignore it, but for the most part, 9:30 means bedtime for her and she sticks with it.

Ugh to the mansplainer. Gotta hate people who aren't team players and think they know everything.


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