Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Times are a Changin'

I feel bad because online learning hasn't been Isaak's jam for awhile. He used to be an A, B student, but his 5th grade teacher was all kinds of difficult. I've never encountered a teacher that isn't a good teacher throughout my boy's education except for her. In 6th grade he was new to middle school. Lots of emotions went with that. He only struggled grade wise at the quarter marks. 7th grade hit, emotions were better, but the pandemic is here to stay for awhile. He followed in Mica's footsteps, and stayed home. The poor boy struggled big time with online learning. He was sad because he doesn't have any friendships, and he was confused on different levels with each teacher. I felt bad for him. His report card came in and he had 1 C, 1 F and all the rest D's. 

Off to school he went. I really wanted to get vaccinated before this happened, but what choice do I have? It's depression and a child that isn't exceeding in school, or more success in his academic endeavors with the possibility of picking up this asshole of a virus.  

Isaak went back to school on Monday. Schedules had to change. I am worried about picking up covid. Isaak has managed to pull up his grades just in 3 days. He now has 1 B, 1 F, 2 C's, and one D. 

I wish parenting came with a direct handbook, for your specific child. Like - Oh you have an empath artistic child much like yourself, this is what you should do... Except I did my homework always. I didn't test well, so I did all my homework to compensate for that. He must get his lack of wanting to do his homework from his father. 

Here I thought less distractions from other kids would help him to focus. No chance of getting into middle school drama when a child is at home. Skip over that awkward voice changing time. Teachers and school rule. 

He went to school on his first day back with this hoodie on. It says, "You Can"! I do believe he can.


mail4rosey said...

We're getting kids back left and right who struggled online. The teachers feel they have to compensate to admin. (since this is all pretty new) so they give the kids so much work to look like THEY'RE doing a good job online and then the kids fail them when they can't keep up with that polished-for-the -admin work-overload.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison's grades are horrible on every progress report, but she tends to pull them up before the report cards come in. Online learning is not for her, but we'll continue it for the remainder of the year since I have not been vaccinated yet and worry about the risk I would be taking sending her to school to mix with all the kids then coming home daily. She's definitely going back full time for her senior year next year though!


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